Another Trip Downstairs

Trish reports that Rudy has been fitfull all day.  Dr. Brill’s main objective today is to get him to calm down as they are concerned that the stomache incision heals properly and doesn’t get comprimised.  There is some debate going on as to whether the fluid is actually chylous as what’s coming into the drain now doesn’t have the typical milky appearance.  Trish just called to say that the GI team just called for Rudy as they would like to do another study to see if everything is sound as far as the GI tract.  So, Rudy is in transport on his way down to the lab.  Sorry if this is vague, but I’m writing from SB.  More detail to follow.

3 thoughts on “Another Trip Downstairs

  1. Oh Rudy. This time the Holy Spirit is going to hear a lot of groaning because I just don’t know what else to say. Thankfully, He does.

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