I may not be a doctor, but I’ve seen lots of them on TV

Dr. Rolf suctions the trach
Dr. Rolf suctions the trach

Actually forget about  TV, I’ve seen a lot more doctors in person.  The steps taken by the team this week made for a markedly different weekend with Rudy.  The tracheostomy has helped Rudy with breathing on his own.  As I mentioned in Saturday’s post, the team was going to give Rudy a couple of stints off the vent for two hours to see how he did.  He did so well on the first two and actually got pretty agitated when we put him back on the vent (Oscar says that patients sometimes don’t like the feeling of pressure from the machine if they’ve gotten comfortable without it).  So, we added a third on Saturday evening and since he wasn’t exhibiting any discomfort when I had to retire for the evening, they just decided to let him stay off.  The team attempted to put him back on the vent in the early morning hours and he again expressed his displeasure, so they just decided to leave him off.  And he’s been breathing on his own ever since.  Go Rudy!

Even though we aren’t at the point of crafting a timeline for going home, during Sunday morning rounds, Dr. Rick said he wants us to start our education in what Rudy will need when he’s at home.  Again, no specific dates are in sight, but it would be unfortunate to have any delays because of our training.  So, it started yesterday with Nurses Jennifer and Gloria training me in how to suction out the trach.  It’s not that hard and I must be doing it right because Rudy hates it just as much as when the professionals do it.  It might make one a bit queasy, but largely because it’s unfamiliar.  If Trish wants to do all the diapers, I’ll do all the suctioning.

We enjoyed the Monday holiday together with our other kids–simply being able to stay in bed while rain drummed on the roof was a great start.  Trish is headed back to UCLA as I write this and the kids and I will enjoy some yummy chili tonight’s food fairy brought to our porch (thanks!) before getting ready for the week.  We’ll be interested to hear the plan for Rudy’s stomache when the full team rounds in the morning.

11 thoughts on “I may not be a doctor, but I’ve seen lots of them on TV

  1. Wow! Just a warning…once they start training, you know you’re taking the first step toward home! I can remember walking out for the first time, and thinking…”this is crazy, we have to go back in!” Realizing that he’s all your responsibility for the first time is like a dream come true and the scariest thing on earth all wrapped into one! Prayers for continued steps forward in breathing and eating.

  2. Proud of you Dr. Rolf.
    Way to go, Rudy! You show em!!!!
    I love to hear about the food fairies who are visiting your home.
    Special thanks to the V day stars – loved their song/dance number. Brought alot of cheer into our home.

  3. Wow! I am glad things are moving along. I loved meeting Opa at friends’ house last night. My husband and I were enchanted by his stories!

  4. as much as you want to go home, it use to seem like one day out of ICU, and start packing your bags……….a good thing, but I know as a grandma…….I have found you are never too old to learn………..prayers, from a HLHS grandma{Dawn’s Mom}

  5. No wonder Rudy is smiling. He is a blessed little guy with such devoted parents and such talented siblings!
    Can’t wait to meet him in person! Go Rudy Go!
    What a doll.

  6. You don’t know me but I am friends of the Lawlers. I met Rolf quickly one evening when he was picking up Olivia at their house. I just want you to know that I check Rudy’s Beat often and pray for him. He was born 10 days before my little girl so when I look at her, I think of him often knowing they are at similar ages. Rudy was also born on the anniversary of my brother’s death, in 2006 after a 3 year battle with cancer. I guess I just want you to know I am another person ‘out there’ praying for Rudy’s health and strength and for your continued courage to walk this hard road. May God continue to sustain you in this journey.
    Carrie Eacker

  7. You look very sure of yourself, yet Rudy looks a bit uneasy, so you must be doing it right. Im so happy to hear he is off the vent. Awesome. I am glad to hear they are starting to give you the passing of the torch treatment. Home is so close for him now! YEAH! I want to come over or meet for pizza, with the family one of these weekends when you all are in SB. I miss seeing you guys. I want to hug you. Give kisses to Rudy on his yummy cheeks for us. Go Rudy Go!!!

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