He’s Back!

Dr. Shapiro called from the OR at 12 noon to say that Rudy did well and they were finishing up.  They wheeled him into his room at 12:20pm and he is resting…slowly coming off his sedatives.  He is so precious!  It’s a little troubling to see a tube coming out of his neck but the exciting news is we can see his beautiful face completely tape-free!!  He’ll have to stay still today but I can hold him again tomorrow.  They’ll have to watch him closely for 7 days…next Tuesday they’ll change out his trach tube and then begin to train us how to do it – yikes.  So, our little man has some more recovering to do.  The trach is a tough emotional hurdle for me – more so than his open heart surgery which was a hundred times riskier – and I think it boils down to the fact that the trach is a visible reminder of his limitations at this point.  Everyone’s feeling is that this won’t be permanent for Rudy and I trust that will be the case.  So I’m trying to keep it all in proper perspective in the midst of the emotions of today.  Rudy inspires me to keep fighting…if he can fight so hard for so long, I certainly can too.  Thank you for persevering with us in prayer!  What would we do without you all?

Trach Day
Trach Day


Angel face
Angel face



Angel face with a hat.
Angel face with a hat.

12 thoughts on “He’s Back!

  1. That face! What a handsome little boy.
    Happy to hear that things went smoothly.
    Wishing you comfort tonight as you sort through all of the emotions of the day. My positive thoughts and prayers are with your family.

  2. well for one thing, without all of us, you wouldn’t need to keep writing on this blog! haha. So happy to hear Rudy’s back. He looks so much better with a face that’s free from tape and tubes. I totally understand your dislike of the tube in his neck though- it must be a tough thing- here’s hoping it’s a temporary thing.
    Goal: keep his face free from tape and tubes, and slowly but surely lose the trach- oh the high bar hopes of HLHS parents.

  3. What a precious boy! Not that I like the idea of the trach tube, but it is a refreshing change to see Rudy’s entire face. He is a handsome little guy and he looks so peaceful (enjoy THAT while you can!!)

    Praying that you will find comfort and a sense of progress on this new section of the journey and that the miles ahead will bring positive change toward the goal of a healthy and happy little boy.

    You are all incredible!

  4. Have just come for our church staff meeting where we prayed for all of you. Thanks be to God for a successful outcome to this surgery and many continuing prayers for the rest of this rugged road. I totally get your feeling about the trach, but what a delight to see that beautiful, peaceful, sleeping face, completely unencumbered! Thanks so much for the photo – it helps. And you will deal with the trach just like you’ve dealt with every other thing that has been thrown at you thus far. We continue to pray that you will each have just what you need, just when you need it. Nitty-gritty grace, designed for trench warfare!


    Diana T

  5. What a cute little guy. Love his hat. My prayers are with him. So glad that you all had a happy if somewhat misty time at Disneyland. Fun! Love, Sydney

  6. Now you can breathe and suck on your pacifier, too, Rudy. So on to better days and a less stressed Mommie. I am so proud of you, Trish. You are my steel magnolia and going through this with your baby has demonstrated again how very special you are–you never need to have doubted being a good mother! I am sorry Rolf could not be there with you today–I know it was difficult for him not to be.

  7. odd as it seems, after going through open-heart surgeries, it seems one can’t take anymore;even though it may not be as serious……..but…..Rudy did it……prayers for strength and a peacefull night……..from a HLHS grandma, Diana

  8. My prayers are for all of you this evening. I will pray especially hard for little Rudy with the lovely face that I am seeing for the first time in your wonderful pictures. God Bless you all!

  9. Rudy looks great! I’m glad everything went well. I’ll probably see you this weekend but will check the blog frequently for updates. Sleep well precious boy.

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