Rudy Misses Me!

Rolf and I made it safely to Palo Alto yesterday and met up with Oma, Opa and Uncle Alex.  As much as I hate to be away from the kids, it was great to have uninterrupted time with Rolf in the car ride up…it’s amazing how many random life details we had to catch up on.  The special intimate getaway continues as we share a hotel room with my brother-in-law.  Ha Ha  Nonetheless, it’s right to be here and we are headed out the door for Rixie’s service soon.

We’ve checked on Rudy’s status by phone a few times each day…Nurse Kelly said she missed me yesterday as Rudy was fussy all day long.  I guess once he got a taste of human contact, he’s not satisfied left on his own anymore.  A string of sweet nurses came in to take turns holding him yesterday and I have a couple of friends headed over today to take a shift at, hopefully, calming him down (thanks Pammy and Robin).  All in all, Rudy is doing okay.  No new news to report.  He did make it safely to radiology and back yesterday for the insertion of a NJ tube…there is question whether or not the tube made it all the way down to his intestines so futher xrays/ultrasounds will help to determine if we’re good to start the feeds again.  

The team has decided to conduct some genetic tests in regards to his lung function to rule out things that might be causing all the delays in Rudy’s recovery.  Part of the process, I guess, and hopefully will provide information about conditions Rudy DOESN’T have.  We’ll keep you updated.  For today, though, he’s sprinting 3-hour sprints and doing well in our absence.  Thank you, dear ones, for your prayers!

2 thoughts on “Rudy Misses Me!

  1. Praying for you, Trish and Rolf, as you attend and conduct the memorial service. And praying for little Rudy, too. There’s nothing like Momma and Daddy, but I pray he and the rest of the Geyling kids will be in good hands and have special times.

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