Out of the Mouths of Babes!

rudy 2-2-09Seeing Rudy intubated again reminds me of the question one of Livy’s fellow Brownies asked me at our last Girl Scout troop meeting.  I wear a button with Rudy’s picture each day and at our last troop meeting, one of the girls stared at my button throughout the entire meeting.  As we were saying goodbye, she finally came up to me with a concerned look on her face and asked, “Why do you tape your baby’s mouth shut?”.  I took a second look at my button and SHE’S RIGHT – it does look like his mouth is taped shut!!!  Oh my goodness, I’m so glad she asked for an explanation before going home to tell her family that troop leader Trish abuses her baby!  

I arrived back at UCLA late yesterday afternoon and quickly scooped Rudy up for a good hold before he had to have his next respiratory treatment.  Eventhough he was intubated again, I was relieved to see him relaxed and breathing comfortably in my arms.  He had a day of rest yesterday but started sprints again today (see video below).  There’s really no telling how long he’ll be on the ventilator this time but he cruised through his first two-hour sprint and today’s chest xray looks good so we’re headed in the right direction.  There is question about the fever he has had for the past couple of days…tests have been conducted and there isn’t any sign of new infection so we’re not sure what’s causing the fever…a bit problematic for Rudy as the fevers seem to get him agitated which then effects his breathing.  The Infectious Disease people are being called back in to consult so we’ll see.  

Rudy is scheduled to take a little trip to Interventional Radiology tomorrow for the insertion of an NJ tube through his nose to his intestines.  The hope is to start feeding him again through this tube but no specific timeline has been established.  All in all, I feel Rudy is in a stable place…having to put him back on the vent was a discouragement, naturally, but all part of the “big picture” process and we simply need to regroup and readjust expectations once again.

This is a big week…Rolf and I are heading up to the Bay Area tomorrow for dear Rixie’s memorial service.  Neither of us will be with Rudy for 4 days…the longest we’ve gone ever.  Although Rudy and the other kids in Santa Barbara will be in great hands, it is unsettling to leave everyone behind.  Please pray that Rudy will thrive and that Wilson, Max & Olivia will have a blast in our absence.  Rolf is officiating the service and I’ll be singing so please pray for focus and composure as we turn our attention toward a very special life to celebrated. 

Sleeping with his syringe...
Sleeping with his syringe...
Rudy’s wild hair is starting to curl…maybe he’ll have ringlets like his oldest brother Wilson!  It’s fun to see noticable changes like that that prove he is growing…more and more undeniably ours.  Strangely comforting while in the midst of a process that leaves me feeling disconnected from Rudy at times.

15 thoughts on “Out of the Mouths of Babes!

  1. Love and prayers for your whole family as you begin a new week. Special for a life remembered, hoping for Rudy to continue his journey, and I will pray extra for Wilson, Max and Livy at home without you. Hugs.

  2. His questioning look on the first picture seems to say, why do I have this stupid tube again. Well, little one grow strong and breath deeply and you will be on your own.
    We pray and the Lords angels will hold you tight.

  3. Out of a different babe’s mouth … my 13 year old follows Rudy’s progress with me and yesterday during the Super Bowl when she saw Troy Palamalu without his helmet on she yelled – Mom! He looks like Rudy all grown up! Now I happen to think that Rudy is already a lot cuter than Troy, but that’s just me.

    Rudy hang in, do great in your sprints and we pray you are extubated soon.

  4. Trish, I want you to know that Larry and I read Rudy’s Beat every evening. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, with extras heading Rudy’s way this week while you are elsewhere. Your tremendous sense of grace, as you support Rudy in working through so many challenges, is evident in every word. Thanks to both you and Rolf for your honesty, your energy and your willingness to let us all come along on your journey. Feel our good thoughts and travel safe, Cathy Fitzpatrick Diersing

  5. Oh…Extra prayers for you all as you lead out in honoring Rixie amidst all that you leave at home. So much on “your plate.” May God show Himself Bigger again and again…

  6. Hi Trish—I just found your blog. Don’t know if you remember me. I’m Emily, the NP getting my post-masters and doing a rotation with Anita/Vicky. I don’t get around to seeing you on a regular basis but I see your little guy every day I’m there! I signed up to get some Girl Scout cookies and I keep forgetting to bring over a check! I have one in my purse and keep forgetting to drop it off. I think you said you wouldn’t be at the hosp. for a few days, so please, please, please remind me next time I see you!
    P.S–I watched “Rudy” the movie with my hubby the other day and immediately thought of you guys!

  7. Ahem! Most parents give their babies cute little rattles to play with…..a syringe?? What a precious video….Rudy was communicating so much with his big eyes…..those curls are adorable!!!

    Praying for you as you sing and officiate for Uncle Rixie’s memorial!!! You’ll do great!!!

  8. Hi all, praying for you this week as it’s full for you!!! We are back from Wisconsin and while I now seem to have this reputation as an out of state stalker, I am comforted by your quirks of taping Rudy’s mouth shut and giving him a syringe to hold! I’m in good company, yes! Well, now that I’ve been given some attention in the blog, I feel loved and won’t need to follow any more strangers around associated with Rudy’s Beat/HLHS. I will just need to keep visiting UCLA and getting my Diddy Reese cookies lest I become weak and pick up a plane ticket to the Far East of Saipan for a little scuba. Love to you in all you have going this week!

  9. i laughed out loud at the sight of the syringe in Rudy’s little hand. he is getting bigger and stronger and developing despite all those folks fussing with him all the time. 🙂

  10. Rudy’s coloring always amazes me, not the blue of a heart baby…..a good thing…..I chuckle a little about the tape……..we pray for little ones to talk, then they get so they never stop and we pray for quiet time…….we have to laugh sometimes……prayers, Diana, a HLHS grandma

  11. He looks so peaceful and calm, what a champion sprinter! Between those baby blues and curls he is a definite chip of the Geyling block!

  12. Trish and Rolf….we continue to follow you in our prayers. May the God of all grace give you His grace in abundance just now. Sorry for the return of the tube, but thank the Lord there is one to return and it works! We praise the Lord for progress and trust Him for more! Just wondering, have you heard Rudy cry? Much love with our prayers…Faye and Don

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