4 Hours and Counting…

It’s 2:20pm and Rudy continues to breathe on his own.  I held him for about 90 minutes and he calmed down and dosed for a few minutes.  He’s now back in his favorite bouncy chair and is calm…looking around and getting used to no longer breathing through a straw!!!    His numbers look good right now…heart rate is down and oxygen sats are okay but could be higher.  He doesn’t look as blue as he was earlier…so far, so good.   We’re all fixated on the monitor…maddening!

Drs. Robert, (Papa) Andy, Brian, Dan, Mary, Sonal, Lee, Ryan and, of course, Rick have all been in to check on our little fighter…if he’s still off the vent at afternoon rounds, the sparkling cider shall be opened and poured in celebration!!!   Thank you, thank you – please keep praying!

15 thoughts on “4 Hours and Counting…

  1. I can picture a whole footbal stadium chanting “Ruuudddeee, Ruuudddeee”, just for him! Keep it up little fighter.

  2. Great job Rudy. Keep up the good work and we will continue to pray for you and your well being. Great job little man… love to you all the Chessmars

  3. Yea!! We are sooooo excited about this big milestone! We will be praying through the afternoon…. love, Cuco, Robyn and Isaac

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