Not Sure What He Thinks!

It’s 11:15am and Rudy has been breathing on his own since 10am.  Initially he did great but he is starting to fuss and battle a high heart rate.  His xray looks good but his hands and feet are starting to turn a little blue so all eyes are on Rudy right now.  We need him to calm down and, hopefully, fall asleep for a bit.   Please keep praying….

10 thoughts on “Not Sure What He Thinks!

  1. Go for it, little darlin’. You are so close …. don’t panic we pray and get rid of that tube so you can suck your thumb! Grandpa and I are holding you and your Mommie up in prayer right now.

    Thanks, for calling us Trish. So glad we were here to take the call. Stay calm and know the prayers are being heard.

    All our love, G’ma Jo and G’pa Dick

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