Quick Update: Re-gaining Ground

At 5:30, I called Nurse Amy just as I was getting off the freeway here at home and she reported that Rudy was doing fine since I left.  The fever was no longer a concern and he was just gliding down the home stretch of a two hour sprint.  So, there’s been a delay but we’re bouncing  back nicely.  Here’s praying for more progress tomorrow.

I just checked out the Manning’s blog entry about their visit this weekend and think it’ s pretty cool.  Peace out, homies!

4 thoughts on “Quick Update: Re-gaining Ground

  1. Dear friends,

    I seldom feel that I have the right words to share, yet I think of you often. Tonight the words came easily… please know that I do pray for Rudy, and for you all, unceasingly.

    Sincere blessings,

  2. OH my gosh! What a scary, dreadful morning. I’m so sorry. I was expecting a really upbeat, we’re almost off of the vent kind of email. Thank the Lord that the docs figured out the problem and moved so swiftly to alleviate it. I really hate thinking of little Rudy with a jugular line, but I’m sure he won’t need it for long.

    We pray for you all daily, and think of Rudy so often. Remeber that your little one is always in His care!

    Much love!

  3. Loved reading the Mannings blog.

    We are thrilled that Rudy bounced back so well. I knew he could do it. I was so sad when I read your blog Sunday, so thanks for the prompt updates and good news.
    Still praying for you all the time.

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