Good progress while we’re away

Nurse Amy rocks!!!  Actually, all of Rudy’s nurses rock, but she’s the one that’s there today.  We kept in touch with her by phone and she reported that Rudy made it through 2 hour sprints today without any trouble at all.  Perhaps he was a bit starved for attention because he got really fussy and nothing Amy could do seemed to calm him down until she decided to hold him–and did so for three hours!  That made our little charmer a pretty happy camper.

This is very encouraging progress and it has Dr. Robert charting a course for extubating in a matter of days.  The team has kept an eye on Rudy from an infection standpoint and the cultures aren’t returning much of significance, nor are there symptoms that seem to be holding him back.  He looks strong and capable, so the plan is for Rudy to move to three 3-hour sprints tomorrow.  Depending on how it goes, they could pull the tube on Sunday or Monday.  Please keep praying–we have to be prepared for twists and turns yet to come, but it sure would be great to get past the vent. 

In the meantime, we’ve enjoyed our final evening with Grandma and Grandpa before we see them off tomorrow.   While I worked today, Trish found the time to lunch with them down at Beachside Cafe (but I’m not jealous…really I’m not–the Clif bar I had at my desk was soooooooo tasty).  I got my fill tonight as we grilled steaks in the rain to console Dick and JoAn after besting them at Pinochle.  It was all topped off by a visit from two raccoons just now who were either quarrelling or amorous, but clearly not in a rush or bothered by humans nearby.  Just part of life in the wild here in Goleta.

As you can tell, our spirits are up.  Can’t wait to see Rudy tomorrow!

14 thoughts on “Good progress while we’re away

  1. This is such exciting progress! I will pray that the tube will come out soon-what a landmark that will be! It seems to be finally all coming together. Praise God!


  2. Great News! Keep up the good work Rudy! No vent means your thumb will fit so much nicer in that sweet little mouth.
    Still praying for all of your needs.
    Love, hugs and kisses.

  3. I’m looking forward to the first audio-ideo you have of Rudy, when the vents out and he can actually make some noise with those vocals…. we will have to see if he has Trish’s singing style.

  4. If you ever need a baby holder while you two are up in SB, let me know! I am so glad things are progressing well.
    We are praying!

  5. I will continue to pray that the tube comes out and that Mr. Rudy continues with his progress. He really is growing and his hair is getting so long. There was a whole row (well, 3 of us) praying with Oma for Rudy at Mass yesterday.

  6. My Dear Rolf and Trish, I feel a little peace after reading the posting. Continuing to pray for that tube to come out and you can cuddle and cuddle this little guy. Love and hugs.

  7. Come on Rudy, Darlin’…you can handle those three hour sprints today with no problem! We’re holding you up in prayer…you’re going to love getting that tube out of your mouth!

    We’re rejoicing with you all and we pray for smooth sailing!

  8. Ok, Rudy..pace yourself…you can do three hours! Just think of that thumb!! So good to hear your mommy and daddy with a kick in their step. We will be praying over the weekend and Monday for some marathon progress!

    Steve and I are real card players, too, and we would love to some day sit and play one of those good ‘ole mid-west card games. My Dad taught me pinochle when I was younger. Haven’t played in 25 years, but could learn again. Have you played “Wist”? Good Minnesota game.

    Hugs to you ALL!

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