Inauguration of our 44th President

Taking the oath of office...
Taking the oath of office...


Rudy slept through the whole thing...
Rudy slept through the whole thing...









The leadership of our country just changed hands and Rudy isn’t too interested.  I tried to talk him through all the significant patriotic moments explaining that one day he will stand with his hand over his heart during the National Anthem, etc…but he simply opened his eyes sleepily, looked into my eyes and fell back to sleep.  I guess those are life lessons for another day.

Today is a day of rest for Rudy.  Dr. Robert is back on the floor this week and he has postponed the stomach-contrast test and the NJ tube insertion because  Rudy has developed a low-grade fever and his white blood cell count has doubled so it is likely he is fighting an infection.  He is back on antibiotics and the order is to rest.  In the meantime, his vent settings will stay put and they’ll continue to hold off on his feeds.  So, we have a low-key day after all…I’ll drop an update later.

8 thoughts on “Inauguration of our 44th President

  1. I’m praying Rudy will have the opportunity to watch many more inaugurations — hopefully, the next one will be with a fully functioning, re-plumbed heart! Rest while you can, little buddy!

  2. I’m praying that one day Rudy will run for President !

    All for Geyling 2058 !! 🙂

    Faith and Richard Groves

  3. Hi Trish. I’m glad Rudy is showing slow steady progress and will pray the his stomach will get to working better.

    Just curious. What are the little black pad/blue strapped things around his hand/thumbs?

  4. Rudy for President!! Im all in. Let me know when to make posters. You know how I love to decorate. I bet we could get CVS to sponser some poster board. 😉 I mean being such a loyal customer and all. Go Rudy Go!

  5. We love you love you love you, Rudy and all your family!
    Prayers, hugs, and kisses keep going your way from over here in chilly snowy Boston!
    Love, Aunt Andi, Mayali, Kyra

  6. Can’t wait to send picture of GJo and GDick to Grandma Jane. It will make her day. She doesn’t see real well anymore so I will blow it up big. She loves to here about wants going on though. Rest and sleep precious Rudy. You will have many more days to sing the National Anthem and praise the Lord. God is so good. This family continues to stand for you. Love to all.

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