Chugging Ahead!

I think of Rudy alot, but for some reason I’ve found myself more fixated on his condition than usual.  I’m glad someone as kind as Nurse Faye was with him today to pleasantly tolerate my check-ins by phone.

There’s good cause for encouragement.  After giving Rudy a couple of days to rest at 16bpm, the team continued the weaning process.  The pressure support is already as low as it needs to be, so this morning they stepped him down to 14bpm and he’s tolerated things fine all day.  Only a few more steps to go (we pray)–the next one should come tomorrow morning and then we’ll see if they want to do some more sprints before extubation.

There was concern about the IV line going into Rudy’s groin as it didn’t seem secure.  After some back and forth over replacement, adjustment, etc. the team decided to remove it today as he really doesn’t currently need anything more than the IV port in his arm right now.  While we’re dealing with that area of the body, the team also removed the Foley catheter so he could just let loose into his diaper like all little boys should.

So this is progress:  while Rudy is still hooked up to a few monitoring lines, other than the breathing and feeding tubes there’s only one line going into his body through one arm.  Nurse Faye says that this means he’ll get to experience something for the first time tonight:  A BUBBLE BATH!!  As Trish is planning to drive down this evening, I requested they wait so that she can join in the fun.

Thanks for your prayers–this week is off to a good start!!!

17 thoughts on “Chugging Ahead!

  1. Oh my,Rolf and Trish. I just got the chills when I read the posting. Prayers and more prayers for little Rudy. Enjoy, Trish-a geat first!

  2. Great News Rudy!
    Hope you had a great bubble bath. Glad to hear things are going well and hope for more good news each day to come.
    Still praying for you and your family, and hope you are breathing, eating and doing all the regular baby stuff on your own soon.
    Hugs, kisses and bubbles….

  3. Rudy, glad to hear you are making good progress. And cleaned up to boot! How fun. Thinking of you and praying for a successful extubation soon! Love you little guy!

  4. Oh my! A bubble bath! Little Rudy is sounding more and more like a sweet little boy. All of these experiences are so great to hear about. Sounds like progress is being made! I am still praying for y’all. I sat in a church last night with Marlowe and we matched! We both had a blue bracelet for Rudy!

  5. I hope there will be pictures of the 1st bubble bath! How exciting and what great progress Rudy is making. Go Rudy, go. God is SOOO good! Love, Cousin Dianna

  6. What fun for Rudy! My kids always loved Bath time! Trish, it was great to see you today! Glad all is going so well. Enjoy the bubbles!

  7. I hope you snapped some pix for the big event! Rudy’s progress is making us so happy and we are praising God.

  8. Ive never been so excited to hear about a bubble bath.I will be thinking of you all tonight . I hope and Pray Rudy chugs through this process.

  9. Trish,

    I am back to work in our little island hospital in the Marshalls but I continue to start out my day with your news of Rudy and share it with our staff. This is wonderful news. I am so excited to hear of the weaning progress. Continued prayers coming from our end of the world.

    Much love,
    Katie’s Nana

  10. Praise God!!! That is amazing news. Lori and I are continuing to pray for you Rudy! I know that He has great things in store for you. Stay strong and keep growing.

    Rolf & Trish – Love you guys – STAY STONG!!

    With Love,

    Will & Lori

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