1-09-09: 100 Days

Jan. 09, 2009  100th Day at UCLA
Jan. 09, 2009 100th Day at UCLA

For those of you who have school-aged children in your life, you’ll know the significance of “100 Days of School”.  Every year for the past 7 years at least one of our kids has come home with the assignment to count out 100 kernels of corn or pieces of pasta to paste on construction paper OR they’ll parade out of school proudly wearing a “100 Days” hat they made that day in their classroom to commemorate the 100th day of the school year.  Well, I’m not sure Rudy can count out 100 pieces of bow tie pasta (maybe we’ll try 100 M&Ms later!) but today does mark his 100th day at UCLA (1 day in labor & delivery/NICU and 99 days in the CTICU).  I think we’ve mentioned before that Rudy has the distinction of being the first and remains the only occupant of room 5439 in the new Mattel Children’s CTICU.  Reaching 100 days in the hospital isn’t exactly the happiest of milestones but it does mean 100 days of life for Rudy for which I’m deeply grateful…so let the celebration begin! 

Today started off with a vagal-episode which happens when secretions impede the flow of oxygen to Rudy’s heart causing his O2 sats to plummet and his heartrate to spike, initially, but if it is left unattended the lack of oxygen causes the heart rate to lower and that’s bad.  This happens periodically and it has happened a couple of times in the last 36 hours.  It’s easily rectified with a “bag-vent” and suction and, thankfully with Rudy, once he is treated his numbers bounce back but it’s still unsettling to watch.  I woke up this morning to the alarms of the vent and monitor when Rudy started to vagal so I started the day a bit disoriented.  Once they got him cleaned out, the RT started Rudy on a two-hour sprint but he got tired after 45 minutes.  Right now he is resting on 20bpm but they’ll drop that rate back down to 10bpm in a little bit and try a sprint again later.

Although these episodes have postponed his sprint schedule, they have not interrupted his vent rates.  Aside from the little break he is getting right now, Rudy has held steady at 10 bpm with a pressure support of 10 most of the week so, all in all, Drs. Robert and Brian feel we are still making progress.  I’m not sure if any of this will postpone the extubation attempt early next week.  We’ll have to wait and see.

I’m planning to head back to SB early this afternoon.  I hate to leave Rudy, though.  The past couple of days have been a little unsettling and I’m paranoid to leave him so hopefully he’ll stabilize and find a comfortable place and stay there until Daddy and Maxi come tomorrow (Saturday).  Please pray for Rudy’s strength and his ability to recover quickly from any kind of episode.  He needs to learn to calm himself down eventually when he gets upset or agitated.  He certainly has alot of opportunity to practice!  Go, Rudy, Go!!!!

15 thoughts on “1-09-09: 100 Days

  1. Trish, First thing I thought of when I saw this photo of Rudy was he’s going to make you pay for this one, sista! Too funny. Definitely will continue to pray for the little man and I hope you have a great weekend with the kids. Enjoy! Love, Kelly

  2. I will pray for Rudy and a good, restful weekend with Dad and big brother! And blessings for your whole family through the weekend. Congratulations on the 100 days marker! Rudy is a fighter! Go, Rudy, go!

  3. Trish, I’ll pray for you and Rudy today and tonight, for peace and assurance that he’ll be ok. I do love the 100th day headband! Of course I sing two 100th day of school songs in first grade, and have modified the lyrics to fit Rudy’s story. I will send them to you! Take care, friend!

  4. Trish and Rolf,
    I will certainly pray for peace as you, Trish, leave today. I can’t imagine how tough it must be to leave when he has had tough days. God, please teach Rudy how to rest in your calm hands when things go a buzzing and blinking. Be with Rolf and Max this weekend…may it be so special to Max to bond with Dad and Rudy.

  5. We celebrate 100 days with you…..how about WE”LL eat 100 M&M’s in honor of this significant day!!!…or maybe 100 scoops of icecream…yum.

    Rudy, you’re a tough dude and ya shore look like it! We’ll be praying for a great weekend…and fun with Dad and Maxi!

    Love you!

    Grace and Marlin and the Van Fam

  6. Go Rudi, I’ve taken my son’s health so much for granted, Rudi has shown me how tough a baby can. I’m so thankful for my lad and certain that all the extra love and prayer will go Rudi’s way.

  7. hi trish & rolf~
    we have been praying for the little guy or should i say big since he’s now a 100 days old! i am not sure if you remember us. we met you all at the pine valley summer camp this past summer. we’re the family moving to sb/goleta area and starting up a yogurtland. we are scheduled to move to goleta at the end of this month, God willing! thank you for the daily updates on rudy… it is inspiring. praise the Lord for him!

    amanda & eui oh

  8. Love that 100 Days headband! The first of many 100 Day Milestones! 🙂 Continuing to pray for Rudy – and your family, too, Trish. God grant you peace this weekend as you are in SB.

  9. Go Rudy, Rudy go………. I am up somewhat late lately so Blessings on you my sweet little guy at this late hour! May you sleep well.
    I second the eating of 100 (peanut) M&M’s in honor of Rudy….
    Blessings always, Jo Saraceno.

  10. 100 days of life!! That’s a very good thing! We’re praying that the next 100 bring zero fluid in his chest, no more alarming episodes of any kind, the end of the respirator, and complete healing to sweet Rudy. Praying for your entire family, Jane and Joe

  11. I am praying for Rudy to not experience any more episodes and a peaceful move towards comfort and going home.Thinking of you in the warm weather as the snow is piling onto us here in CT.

  12. A well deserved crown for our King Rudy! I am so proud of him! I love his little attitude! He is such a fighter just wait till hes crawling! Way to go on the extubation next week. I will keep my fingers crossed. You should head to the infamous CVS for some card stock to make the invitation. I miss decorating with you. Go Team Geyling!!

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