Grandma Jo and Oma Will Be Jealous!

Rudy’s first day of 2009 included family and football!  Rolf, Max, Olivia and Grandpa Dick arrived close to noon.  Wilson wanted a quiet day at home in SB so Grandma Jo was kind enough to stay home with him.  The rest of us enjoyed lunch together before we settled down in Rudy’s room for the Rose Bowl.  Rudy had a good day today with only a small fever in the morning and then the periodic lowering of his oxygen sats.  This morning’s chest xray looked good and he continued to tolerate the ventilator rate at 24bpm all day!  It was a day to sit back and stabilize. 

Grandpa Dick had an opportunity to hold Rudy for a bit before his numbers went a little wacko but it was special nonetheless.  Rudy’s numbers were great when he was relaxed and asleep but as soon as he woke up, it was hard to control his breath rate and oxygen saturation.  He’s getting another blood transfusion tonight and resting comfortably.  Rolf et al left for SB at dinnertime.  I’ll head home tomorrow (Friday) afternoon, Rolf will return to UCLA Saturday and Sunday and then it will be my turn again Monday-Friday of next week.  It will be interesting to see what next week brings if the chest fluid issue is truly behind us!!  Baby steps…baby steps…dad-and-rudy

                                                                                                        grandpa's arms


A picture says a thousand words...
A picture says a thousand words...

9 thoughts on “Grandma Jo and Oma Will Be Jealous!

  1. Hey Trish,

    It’s great to hear that Rudy had a pretty stable day and that Grandpa Dick got to hold him…that had to be ‘great medicine’ for them both! A good chest x-ray…hallelujah! Still praying for more progress in all the right areas! Blessings to you as you wait!

    Love you, dear friend!

  2. hello Geylings. It’s been good to visit the site and “catch up” a bit. What a trying journey and Rudy just seems like a trooper. Much love to you all and bless you!

  3. Yahoo! Good news! Yahoo for Grandpa Dick getting to hold Rudy too. Special day, special day! Love, Cousin Dianna

  4. What a wonderful picture of Dick and Rudy! We have been thinking of all of you over the holidays and am so glad Jo/Dick were able to come out to California to be with all of you. Love, Tatum/Daniel

  5. Hello Rudy!
    I have missed you! I have been out of commission to read your mommy and daddy’s updates….and now look how much you have changed! I’m praying that everything get’s easier for you and you can come home soon. Hug your mommy and daddy for us!

  6. i keep coming back to these pictures of Dad, Rudy and Trish…I cherish the thought of you all being together and hope for many more opportunities like the one pictured here (except maybe a different venue….like HOME!)

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