An eerie resemblance

Our many readers in Kansas might be very interested at the insight we got while watching the “Insight Bowl” last night.  Everytime they showed KU coach Mark Mangino, I was trying to place the face.  Perhaps Rudy is destined for Jayhawk greatness!?  (scroll down below)



6 thoughts on “An eerie resemblance

  1. Well, they certainly do resemble each other. However, I think Rudy’s big, dark eyes are definitely better looking! Still praying for you and for a blessed 2009!

  2. Funny! I hadn’t thought about the resemblence, but I can see what you mean. We were just commenting about Mark Mangino while watching the news last night. But……………I would have to say that Rudy is much cuter!

    You continue to be in our prayers. Hang in there.

    Eddie & Linda Bryant

  3. I see what you are talking about! I have to agree that Rudy is much cuter and much, much sweeter!
    Our prayers to all!

  4. They are both tough competitors and winners! Let’s hope that Rudy’s physical resemblance will fade soon enough leaving only the shared character traits!!

  5. OMG!! I cant stop laughing! That is awesome! I love your sense of humor! Well we do know that Rudy is quite a fighter so I think its a fair comparison. xoxo

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