Back in L.A.

Shortly after Rolf headed off to work this morning, I left Grandma Jo and Grandpa Dick in charge and made my way back down to L.A. to spend the rest of the week with Rudy.  It has been a good day catching up with staff, organizing the room (my OCD needs an outlet) and, most of all, sittting with Rudy.  When I arrived at noon, Rudy was awake and hypertensive.  He had spiked a fever earlier in the day and it was clear he wasn’t comfortable…his blood pressure was all over the place and he was fitful when he was awake but as soon as his temperature broke, all his numbers stabilized and were much more consistent.  Rudy is getting quite a reputation as one who DOES NOT like to be messed with!  He is getting increasingly sensitive to stimulus of any kind so it was a treat to have moments today when he was alert, looking straight at me and seemingly comfortable as I held his little head and feet.  I tried to donate some more blood for him today but I got rejected this time around because my blood tested low in iron.  I was given the assignment to eat hamburgers the next couple of days and we’ll try again on Friday.  Given my addiction to fast food, I’ll have no problem with the hamburger consumption!  Ha ha

Except for the fever and fluctuating blood pressure, Rudy is holding steady.  His chest x-ray from this morning showed “some” fluid  on the right side which they will watch closely and nothing on the left side!  This could change but, for now, they are planning NOT to do the pleurodesis on the left side – wouldn’t that be wonderful!?!  He is also tolerating the wean from the ventilator well…he is down to 28 bpm and it will soon be dialed down to 26 bpm.  The plan is to continue to dial it down 2 bpm every 12 hours as long as he tolerates it.  I can’t help but wonder if Rudy has been waiting to engage in a healing breakthrough especially for the New Year!  2009 will soon be upon us – let the breakthrough commence!!!!!

Goodnight for now…I’ll update again after tomorrow’s x-ray!  Thank you for your prayers…we are strengthened in them!!

7 thoughts on “Back in L.A.

  1. Enjoy a good burger for us!! We could ship you a Sonic burger. There is one just down the street from Cora’s! Brian recommends Hardee’s burgers.

  2. Yum! Eat a hamburger for me too! I love them, but really need to watch my weight since I gained a bit on all the holiday goodies. Meanwhile I will pray for that 2009 healing breakthrough for Rudy!

  3. Glad to hear you are free to let Mom and Dad be in charge at home while you spend time with Rudy! I’ll be praying that God’s touch will be on Rudy as you usher in the new year together. Love you!!

  4. We continue to believe in Rudy’s healing on all fronts. The healing breakthrough will be divine in 2009! Love, Cousin Dianna.

  5. good thing burger king is right across the street. I will keep you all in my prayers as the new year rings in. Happy New Year and with it new hope! love to you all!

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