Happy 13-week Birthday!

13 weeks old!
13 weeks old!

Well, here we are on the eve of yet another holiday.  Olivia called earlier to ask me where we keep balloons!  It sounds like quite a New Year’s Eve celebration is being prepped at home in Santa Barbara.  Rudy and I are gearing up for a big bash here in the CTICU.  I walked to the drugstore yesterday to stock up on some yummy snack foods to share as we await the countdown to the new year tonight.  It has been a full day today with a handful of patients in our unit either being discharged or sent to the floor so we’re down to 3 patients again…(the other two are different from the other two  of last week).  The CTICU sure has been in a flurry of activity this past week with what feels like a revolving door of patients in and out…and then there is Rudy who has very quietly sat back and made his slow but somewhat measurable progress. 

Today was much like yesterday…he spiked a fever in the morning and battled a fluctuating blood pressure but by afternoon, his fever broke and his numbers were back where they should be.  Today’s chest x-ray detected a small amount of fluid outside the left lung but still not enough to make a concrete decision about the pleurodesis at this point.  His red blood cell count was down so he needed another blood transfusion and one of his picc lines needed to be replaced.  I enjoyed helping Nurse Jenny give Rudy a bath.  He now has a fresh gown and fresh linens…it’s a good thing, too, because Rudy is going to have a long line of nurses wanting their first kiss of the new year to be with him!  Dr. Mary, though, has already reserved her kiss to be the very first at the stroke of midnight!  

It’s so hard to look much past tomorrow…hard to imagine what 2009 will bring but one thing is for sure – Rudy’s first New Year celebration will be filled with lots of love, an ever-growing fan club, and a never-ceasing hope for a future nestled in the hands of God…a comforting reality in the midst of all the uncertainty.

9 thoughts on “Happy 13-week Birthday!

  1. Trish, beautiful! You and Rolf post wonderful thoughts. Your love for your little Rudy is unmeasurale-from your heart to the moon and back. Always thinking of you.

  2. Happy 13th week bday! I also am wishing a very Happy New Year. I am jealous of you CVS trips. i might have to start going to the one here in SB. they have some pretty good decorations. miss you friend. xoxo

  3. Rudy, I sure enjoyed getting to see you today! And your momma too! You look so festive in your gown of clowns! I accidentally left my bag of Diddy Reese’s cookies in your room, but oh, well, I really don’t need to eat any more cookies. Kylie suggested when I got home that YOU eat them to celebrate the New Year! Happy New Year, Rudy! We love you so much and are praying for you!

  4. I am definitely part of the Rudy fan club.My prayer for Rudy is that the New Year brings health,miracles,and unbelievable blessings.I pray for all of these things for the Geyling family.I look forward to seeing what God has planned for you for the New Year.

  5. Dear dear Rudy and Trish-
    Happy New Year to you from Alabama where the new year has come in and we are hoping and praying for you and all the California Geylings as 2009 comes your way!

  6. Wow, sounds more fun than here – I am trying to keep Ron awake with Project Runway. It’s not really working. Give Rudy an airkiss for us on New Year’s Day!

  7. Rudy’s Beat has become a daily event at the Morrison house and we continue to send our love and prayers.

  8. We send our prayers, love and best wishes for a Happy New Year and, most of all, we pray that Rudy progresses and comes home soon. We still have no word on Marisol, but the New Year brings new hope and new beginnings.

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