Happy Birthday, Grandpa Dick!!

We were all in Goleta today and enjoyed celebrateing Grandpa Dick’s birthday this evening.  We had fun sharing our “favorite memories” and the children wanted to hear Grandpa’s first hand account of what it was like when Moses parted the Red Sea!  Lots of laughter amidst a simple family time together.






Back at UCLA, Rudy has had what have come to be the usual ups and downs.  On the “up” side, he’s done well with the wean of the ventilator and spent most of the day comfortably at 32bpm.  His kidney function has come back very well to the point where there’s little concern in this realm.  His blood pressure and most of the other numbers are very good.  On the “down” side, his chest tube fell out again this morning (no you aren’t re-reading a previous entry).  They tend to come out over time and often when the output is low as the pressure holding them in place decreases.  Hoping for the best, we pray that this means there is no more fluid and the cavity will close up like it should.  But Rudy’s history has been otherwise–where things look fine for a few days and then the fluid comes back.  While we would prefer the fluid just take care of itself without needing to do another pleurodesis, we want to move past this once and for all so we’d also be fine with the fluid coming back immediately and making it clear that we should do the procedure.  Above all, please pray for definitive information. 

The other issue impacting this is the fact that they had to cease feeds as Rudy’s stomach appeared to be upset.  Our main concern here is that the fluid on the chest seems to increase when feeds are going, so the fact that they aren’t feeding him could give a false read on the chest fluid.  This presents challenges for the doctors to assess what is actually going on and what course of action to take, so again, we’d be grateful for some clarity.

As you can see in the pic above, Trish was inspired by Olivia’s new look and got a haircut of her own.  “New Year, New You!”  I must say, she’s looking fine!

13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Grandpa Dick!!

  1. Dearest Rolf and Trish,

    So glad you have had some wonderful simple family time with Trish’s mom and dad over these Holidays. We can see from your smiling faces in the photos how special this has been for all of you. Lisa continues to visit Rudy when she finishes her twelve hour shift at the hospital. Sorry she missed you the other day.
    We pray for clarity for you and hope that Rudy stabilizes. All of you continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. We hope to see you soon. Love, Lisa, Paul, George and Nick P.S. Love the new haircut Trish! Happy Birthday Grandpa Dick!

  2. You girls are beautiful! Making a list and praying through it for Rudy and each of you. A New Year is coming full of hope, promise and trust as God’s plan unfolds. I am constantly reminded to pray for Rudy…all of you are on my mind and heart often. xxooR

  3. The smiles say alot! So happy that you were all able to be together and celebrate Dad’s birthday. Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves and I’m glad Dad was able to enlighten the kids on what it was like “back in the day.”

    Trish, you and Olivia both look great with your new haircuts…simply beautiful! Not that you didn’t look good before, mind you!

    I’m also gold to see that even in beautiful, temperate Santa Barbara, you are wearing sweaters indoors…we would feel right at home!

    Love you all!!

  4. Trish, Looking good girl!!! I love the haircut. So, glad that you got to spend your Dad’s birthday with him and your Mom. What a blessing!

  5. Wow! I didn’t even notice Trish’s cut till you mentioned it…it looks so “her!” Love it! The good times with Grandpa Dick and Grandma Jo warmed my heart.

    Praying the lost tube will be a good sign. Rudy, keep up the fight!!!
    Love you!!!

  6. Joan and I prayed for Rudy this morning at Mass and I gave away my blue Rudy bracelet to a friend who wanted to join us in our prayers for Rudy and your family. Luckily, Oma left another bracelet with me, so I need to break it out of its package and put it on–I feel rather undressed without my blue bracelet.

  7. How nice to be together for Christmas and Grandpa Dick’s Birthday. Sweet memories. The Geyling Girls are setting a pretty high bar with their New Year hair dos. Looking very fine indeed. I will continue to pray for all. The first is for a Happy, Healthy New Year for you all. See you soon. Sydney

  8. I love your haircuts! I’ll keep praying for you and I hope he keeps getting better and better! Merry Cristmas and a Happy New Year!


  9. Happy Birthday Grandpa! Im so glad you are all together 🙂 I am loving all the hair cuts. Trish you look beautiful!! All my thoughts and prayers are going to Rudy for continued strength! Happy New Year!! xoxo

  10. Continued prayers for little Rudy. Trish & Livvie, love the look! I never forget your family in thoughts and prayer.

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