Christmas at home…

Our Christmas wish for two lazy days at home came true–well maybe not altogether “lazy” as two of the activities included putting together a trampoline (thanks, Oma and Opa, for a Christmas gift that’s already seen hours of laughter) and weeding the rose bed that’s been bugging me for weeks now (but I haven’t been home with enough daylight hours to do anything about it).  So, nice to have some therapeutic activity and, as I know some will read with concern (like you, Jane), my back feels pretty good after all is said and done.

As for Rudy, he’s received the same attention and doting care he’s grown accustomed to.  We’ve had regular contact with Nurse Katrina and Dr. Robert.  He’s having some of the usual hiccups–unfortunately the chest tube on the left has continued to put out significant amounts of fluid (70cc daily) that now has a high percentage of chyle, so we may be seeing chylothorax on the left side which might require pleurodesis on that side.  Perhaps a bit too early to see what course Brian will want to take, but he did prepare us for this possibility.  Dr. Robert became concerned today about his stomach and how it was processing nutrition so he halted the tube feeds.  Depending on what an Xray shows tomorrow morning, they may start again–they always want to be pre-emptive and never get to where they’re chasing Rudy.  His blood pressure is being watched, but it’s acceptable.  It’s been a bit on the high side lately, but Robert wants to use as little medicine as possible in order not to stress the kidneys.  Robert also halted the vent wean today as he doesn’t want to throw too much at Rudy at once, so the rate is about 35 bpm and Rudy’s comfortable there.  They’ll decide what fronts they want to move on tomorrow, breathing and feeding-wise.

We are blessed to have Grandpa Dick and Grandma Jo with us.  Trish’s Dad finished his 6 weeks of radiation treatments on Wednesday and, on Thursday, her parents boarded a plane bound for LAX!  They plan to stay a couple of weeks before Dick’s oral chemotherapy begins.  We are so thankful they were able to come and celebrate a late Christmas with us here at home.  The big event today was Olivia’s first haircut!  After resisting the idea for several months, she decided yesterday that she was ready and that she wanted to donate her hair to “Locks of Love”.  Our little princess was very excited about going to the salon and was quite the little lady sitting patiently as the stylist clipped away.  We’ll miss her trademark long locks but the end result is pretty adorable. 

Thank you for your continued prayers!  It is hard to believe that we are coming to the end of 2008 with our Rudy still at UCLA and still with no clear indication of when we’ll bring him home.  Prayers for continued endurance and optimism in addition to full recovery for Rudy are GREATLY appreciated. 

Grandpa Dick meets Rudy 12-25-08
Grandpa Dick meets Rudy 12-25-08





Grandma Jo and Grandpa Dick
Grandma Jo and Grandpa Dick
Livy and Grandpa Dick pre-haircut
Livy and Grandpa Dick pre-haircut
Livy's Lock of Love
Livy's Lock of Love
The end result
The end result

10 thoughts on “Christmas at home…

  1. Livy, I love your new “do” and love your heart to donate your beautiful hair even more! You look so cute but you are still too young for Zac Efron though, ok?!! Miss you all!

  2. Kaitlin was just thinking about cutting her hair that length too – and you look so cute, she decided it was a good idea!

  3. Wow, way to go Livy!
    Our Olivia couldn’t wait and cut her own hair for the first time ever this past May. We were going to donate to locks of love as well but after she hacked her pony tail off there wasn’t quite enough left. : (

    Hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas season! Hey, our kids got a trampoline too for their grandparents! How fun!

  4. Love Livy’s new look. So cute. I am glad that you all got to have a nice Christmas together with family near and far. Our granddaughter’s have a trampoline and love it. The only accident has when Isabel hid UNDER the trampoline in a game of hide & seek and stuck her leg up between the springs to show where she was just as another child jumped down. Ouch. She and her American doll had the same purple color crutches. So don’t try this “at home”. See you all soon. Blessings. Sydney

  5. You guys are amazing! Way to go Livy for being so selfless. What a hero you are! Im glad that Trishs parents came to see Rudy. Im sure he loved that. Im always thinking of you guys and sending down all the prayers i can. xoxo to you all!!

  6. Olivia looks SMASHING!!! (I’m sure Zac would love it too!) Great to see Grandma and Grandpa…they both look wonderful!!! SO HAPPY THEY CAN SPEND A COUPLE OF WEEKS!!!

    Our hearts and prayers are with Rudy. He’s in Good Hands!

    Love you so much!

    The Van Fam

  7. So glad Dick and Joann made it out okay. Will print out a picture for Grandma Jane, she will enjoy that. Olivia’s new hair do is so pretty! Love to you all as we continue to stand for Rudy’s full recovery and your continued strength. His mercies are new every morning. Love, Cousin Dianna XOXO

  8. Rolf, Trish and family,

    God bless you as we end 2008. I pray that 2009 will bring you more strength, peace and that Rudy will be able to come home soon. Again, remember, one step at a time! That’s one of my resolutions for, well, forever!! LOL!

    I love Olivia’s haircut and way to go to donate to Locks of Love!!! I’ve done that for the past two years and am growing out my hair to donate it again. It’s a great feeling!!!

    Love, blessings and lots of hugs!

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