Quick follow-up: Halfway there on the kidneys

I’m packed up and ready to leave Rudy now.  Good progress continues–he’s put out 15ccs each of the last 3 hrs so the team has re-started him on TPN (IV nutrition) since they can now increase the number of ccs going in without being concerned about what’s going out.  Please continue to pray for kidney function as 30ccs is where it should be.  Then they’ll be able to load on the nutrition so he can gain strength and work on breathing in earnest.  It’s always hard to leave him, but much easier to do on an upswing.  We’ll be phoning in regularly to get updates on his status and will post accordingly.  It’s a clear day and I should be hitting the ocean just in time for a pretty winter sunset…

10 thoughts on “Quick follow-up: Halfway there on the kidneys

  1. I’m glad Rudy and you all have made it through another hard week. I pray the you will all be able to be together as a family once again! Take care of your back! The Lord bless and keep you all.

  2. YAY YAY YAY!!!! THANK YOU JESUS! Have a great evening together!!!!

    By the way, with that picture of Zac Efron and Trish on the blog…hits on the blog are simply going to go up…you’ll get more prayer support!!!…God works in mysterious ways. 🙂

    Go Rudy Go!

  3. Great to hear of Rudy’s progress….gotta say that yesterday had me a little scared with thoughts of “Oh No! Things are going downhill fast!!!” Thank you Rolf for your faithfulness and fighting spirit! Your call to prayer was just the right action. Your example is a real blessing to me when the situation is perilous…don’t give up, pray it through, let God be the One to carry you through. I know Rudy is not sailing on the smoothest waters, but it sure is a lot calmer sea than it was yesterday! Keep the faith and I’ll keep praying right along with you! Love you guys!!!

  4. We are thankful for a positive report and hope you can rest now, Rudy, et al. Steve and the children spent the afternoon with us Sorry, Rudy, you had to miss the cookie decorating but we took pictures for you. God bless you all………..

  5. As we know you have to have bad days to get the good ones. We have had enough of the bad ones so now there is only good ones left 😉 Im so happy things are on the uppity side. xoxo to you all

  6. Hey Buddy! Wow…am I proud of you! You are doing GREAT!

    How bout you rest and get strong so you can REALLY show off when Mommy, Daddy and your brothers and sister come back in a few days?

    We are praying for you, Little One! I know you are excited to blow that popsicle stand, and you are getting closer to going home every day! Get stronger and stronger, Babykins, and you’ll be breathing all on your own very shortly. And then everyone can hold you and you can snuggle to your heart’s content.

    Thank you, Lord, for being so faithful and watching over this little soul that is still so fresh from Heaven. We all pray that Rudy will continue on this positive trend and that he will continue to show big positive progress this week, this holiest of weeks.

    Much Love!

  7. Thank God for all of the prayers out there! So glad to hear that Rudy has taken a positive turn. We will keep praying for him and for you all. I love you and that’s for keeping us all posted.

  8. Praise God for a good report after such a stressful time for you both. God is so good. We praise Him for His continued blessings on you all. What a band of prayer warriors little Rudy has. We pray Rudy gets rest, his kidneys continue to produce and his numbers are good so he can visit with his beautiful family during your visit. By faith we believe it will be a great day! Little Rudy is going to love hearing your voices, feeling your touch, hearing giggles from his siblings, feeling those hugs and sweet kisses. Trish sing to him for me. I know he loves to hear you sing….not to mention just hearing your heart beat like he did when you were carrying him. What a comforting sound that must be to Rudy. Love, Dianna

  9. “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.” Ps. 91:4

    May your whole family feel His protection and comfort, as well as the sweetness of Christ’s presence as we celebrate His birth. What a blessing to know He is the One holding your family so tightly through these past months, and I pray that soon Rudy will be moving home to Santa Barbara!

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