Max’s Wish

Thursday evenings I’m greeted by a stack of paper that’s often larger than any facing me at the office.  This is the day that the kids bring home their Thursday folders with lots of completed coursework, bulletins from teachers and the like.  Lately, most of the stuff has been getting a half-hearted scan but this one stopped me in my tracks tonight:


It’s easy to get lulled into thinking that Trish and I are fighting for Rudy while the rest of the family watches, but Max reminded me of the fact that there are six of us fighting together.  The kids may not own this the way Trish and I can, but they are bearing loads of their own.  Overall, I am so impressed with them and their ability to navigate this time, thanks largely to people who have come alongside them.  They are doing well under far-from-ideal circumstances–with Trish and I taking turns in LA and seeing a different arrangement caretakers after school.  On more than one occasion, each of them has said they wished life was “normal again”.  The way they tend to display their stress is in feeling emotion out of proportion to the circumstance–a small disappointment becomes a tantrum; minor anger becomes a tirade.

About a month ago Trish and I realized that as important as it is for us to be with Rudy in the CTICU, it’s just as important for us to be in Goleta with Wilson, Max and Olivia.  I can’t even begin to thank everyone who has paid special attention to our kids in the midst of this.  In addition to praying that Max’s wish will come true, I also pray that he, Wilson and Olivia will emerge intact from the battle.  In meeting with a friend this week, he stressed the importance of making sure that they know that we would just as quickly drop everything for them as we are doing for Rudy–and that might mean giving them attention at Rudy’s expense.  Challenging to do, but Rudy is being watched closely and prayed for by hundreds whether we’re there or not.  So in the upcoming week, we’re intent on making sure that our Christmas, unique as it may be this year, will include times of uninterrupted focus on these three super kids.

12 thoughts on “Max’s Wish

  1. Along with praying for healing for Rudy and strength for the family, I have been praying for men and women who surround you to “stand in” for you at the hospital so that you can both rest and be with the other children. I will pray for the grace to allow others to be with Rudy while you are “just at home.”

    Some of my most precious treasures are the hours- and days- that my dear friends spent praying at the hospital with my little one. As I watch her do her gymnastics at 13 I am reminded of those hours of blessing in which she was anointed by those godly women’s prayers.

    I have had the honor to “spell” other friends while their children were in ICU. Don’t be afraid to ask and don’t be reluctant to receive. Our children need to see that the whole body meets the needs of our families. 🙂

    “Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ. “

  2. I am literally crying all over the place as I read those beautiful words. I wish I was his teacher because I could have given him an a plus plus and a hug. That is so touching. I PRAY FOR ALL OF YOU if I lived in California I would babysit for free unfortunately im 3000 miles away. I cant believe that if it werent for Katie Manning and her lovely family I would never know about Rudy and your beautiful family. At school we talk about Rudy all the time and our hope that he recovers quickly. Vicky who worked with us has really opened up our eyes along with her husband alan the journey that kids with hlhs have to go through. I and m,y coworkers wish we could be close to you guys to help out . Just know that in a teachers lounge in Fairfield CT Rudys name is brought up every day!

  3. Praying for ALL the Geylings…we love your family, Rolf. We are with you. My “Rudy bracelet” is a frequent reminder to pray for all of you, plus it accents everything I wear….the accessories make the outfit!

  4. Good job Trish and Rolf listening to God’s heart for your family. Thank you Father for Godly friends who step out boldly with truth.
    Enjoy the most special Christmas you have ever had.

  5. Now that letter was a tear-jerker….those precious munchkins!….I will remember to pray more for them too…Someday your kids will look back to this time as such a bitter-sweet faith-building time.

    Just this morning I read, “He gathers the lambs in His arms and holds them close to His heart.” (Is 40)

    Loves and prayers!

  6. From the mouths of babes. THat was so pure and innocent a wish and it made me cry. I continue to pray for strength for you all; you are a great family and I am continually amazed by you all. Love, Kelly

  7. Yes, you guys do have some of the most amazing kids we’ve ever met! We continue to pray that God would give you wisdom as you make decisions regarding your schedule.

  8. Thanks for the post. Good thoughts. I am still wearing my Rudy Bracelet. There are 100s of people praying.

    Love you guys.


  9. Wow!! What a beautiful and selfless wish from such a young person, especially in this day and age when alot of kids want the latest this and that, etc. What a model Max is, and all the Geyling kids!! What a testimony they will have (or do have already!) for their peers!!!

    Go Geylings Go!!

    Merry Christmas and God bless you!!

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