Lymphangiogram is underway…

Trish got a call at 10am en route to UCLA to give consent for the team to start the Lymphangiogram.  We understand that this could be a long procedure, so we don’t have an idea when Rudy will emerge from it.  Please join us in praying for Rudy’s safety, the skill of the doctors and that it would give some clear indication of how treatment on his chest leak should procede.

On another front, please continue to pray for Rudy’s nutrition.  The team had to stop feeds to his stomach overnight as his stomach was getting a bit big.  They’re hoping that a bit of a break and some meds for his kidneys will start processings again.

More when we know it.

5 thoughts on “Lymphangiogram is underway…

  1. Pray that this will clearly let you know what is going on. May god give you extra peace as you await the outcome.

  2. I’m praying for Rudy RIGHT NOW! Lord, You are an awesome God, able to do all that we can imagine and so much more! You are so worthy of our praise! Please protect little Rudy during the procedure and use it to illuminate the doctors’ care plan for him. We pray for Rudy’s nutrition and that You would just supernaturally cause all his body systems to work as You have designed them to work! Thank you, Lord, for hearing this prayer!! Amen.

  3. We also will look to this as the way to the answer to solve this problem. GOD is good, and everything HE does is good. Praise your HOLY NAME!

  4. God always answers in His time! Hang in there; you guys are amazing!! He went the road for us; you can do it too. God bless Love, Jane and Joe

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