My Apologies to Mr. Pitt

Okay, so after my post last night, I turned on the t.v. to watch the news while I pumped one last time before bed (YES, I’m still pumping but no longer storing…just “pumpin’ and dumpin'” to keep my milk flow going).  Anyway, I turned to channel 7 and whose face is filling up the screen?…Brad Pitt’s!!!  They were reporting on the silly premiere and I began to laugh out loud at the ridiculousness of the whole evening.  As anticipated, today is a fresh, new day and Brad Pitt is no longer on my hit list.

More importantly, Rudy is doing much better today.  He is currently quite mad so Nurse Carol gave him a little “somethin’ , somethin'” to calm him down.  He is so precious!  His heart rate and blood pressure have stabilized with meds and they started him on the high-octane, really expensive formula feeds through his feeding tube so we’ll see how he tolerates that today.  They still haven’t heard from the doc who does the lymphangiograms so I’ll have more detail on that later but the doctors at rounds this morning want to move on that sooner rather than later now that Rudy is stabilized.  So, Rudy will rest in the meantime.

Depending on Rudy’s condition, my plan is to head back to SB tomorrow for a couple of Rescue Mission commitments and the school holiday program.  Rolf and I will return to UCLA on Friday and spend the weekend with Rudy while the kids have fun with two dear friends back home.  They’ll make a day trip to see Rudy on Saturday and attend the hosptial Christmas party for the pediatric patients and their siblings.  ‘Praying for a real good day with the family here together on Saturday.

4 thoughts on “My Apologies to Mr. Pitt

  1. That is to funny!! Brad Pitt better watch out. Glad to hear that Rudy is doing much better. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.Love you…….

  2. Trish, I prayed for Rudy a lot this morning when I woke up and am glad to hear he is doing a little better. Though I did not specifically pray for your anger toward Brad Pitt and co., it seems the Lord has healed that too. Oh, Trish, even at your worst, you are still pretty sweet! Love you and am praying for you all.

  3. How funny…I was just reading a recent post and thought, “I wonder if Trish is still pumping…” Now I know! I admit that you are a die-hard to continue pumping this long…you are one special mamma in MANY ways…

    I sure do hate to see you pump-n-dump all that precious milk, though….are you aware that you can donate to a milk bank so it can be used for special-needs babies? Check out for more info….I know that here in TX they make it possible for you to ship it, since they are so much in need.

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