You Know You’re Losing It When…

…you yell at a security guard protecting Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett at their movie premiere! 

Now, I’m a pretty patient, measured person but once in awhile I hit a wall and let it all loose like the day I took money from a homeless person when we lived in South Central L.A. and like tonight while on my way to dinner.  I broke away from Rudy late for dinner tonight and though the cafeteria food at the hospital is really quite good, I felt like getting something a little different so I walked into Westwood to grab a bite at California Pizza Kitchen.  I made it within less than a block of the restaurant when I was stopped by a security guard on duty at a premiere for Brad Pitt’s new movie.  The problem was that the sidewalk on both sides of the street I needed to walk down was closed and yet the restaurant was just a few yards away past the barracade.  Brad and Cate et al were safely stashed away in the theater watching their show and the crowds had all dispersed…what would be the harm in making my way across the barracade to the restaurant?…it would take seconds!  Apparently there would have been alot of harm in it because I got a rude and abrasive rebuke followed by instructions to walk back from where I came, down a stinky, dark alley and all around a large block to come at the restaurant from the other side.  Oh my, this did not sit well with me and all of a sudden I found myself in a heated discussion with a rather large man who towered over me by a foot or two.  I SOOOOOOOO wanted to pull the ol’ “my infant son is in the ICU” card but after engaging with him I realized I didn’t have the energy for the fight, I told him just that and crossed the barracade anyway.  There was no way after the draining day I had that I was going to inconvenience myself for a MOVIE PREMIERE!!!  I sat eating my Greek Pizza seething and getting increasingly mad at Brad Pitt!  Oh my, I am losing it!  You’ll be happy to know that I made it back to the hospital without yelling at anybody and found the precious boy awake and alert for a few minutes.  I guess we both could use a good night’s sleep.  Rudy is the only CTICU patient tonight so it’s pretty quiet on our side of the unit.  We’re sitting here listening to Christmas music looking forward to a fresh new start tomorrow…

All wired-up
All wired-up
sweet one
sweet one

13 thoughts on “You Know You’re Losing It When…

  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll hate Brad with you and never go to see that movie. 🙂

  2. road blocks everywhere. aaack! is that symbolic or what? i think Rudy is made of the same grit. 🙂 kiss that little forehead for us. sweet and precious he is.

  3. This puts things in perspective. Who cares about a movie premiere when your baby’s life is at stake? This would have mad me so mad as wel… and I could not have helped it either.
    In any case, much prayers….
    Faith Groves

  4. A good reminder that we never know what is going on with the people around us. We are learning so much from all your experiences! Thank you for sharing Trish!

    Again, praying for that breakthrough today!

  5. Gotta love LA and its belief that celebrities are more important than ordinary citizens! You go, girl!!

    Still keeping all of you in our prayers.

  6. That is so incredible. I live in Bridgeport(BLACK rOCK) ,CT and all summer they have filmed movies at or around our small neighborhood. The entourage that accompanies these people is incredible.They were all friendly but its amazing to how they are catered too. Im sorry they treated you so poorly. I hope your days get better and that some breakthroughs start happening. He really is adorable.

  7. Way to go, Trish! I’m having trouble picturing you actually yelling, but just walking past the barricade and the big guy, yup. Hope today is a better day for both you and Rudy.

  8. Hi Trish..You sound just like me with the security guard! I think every once in awhile we all have moments like that! Rudy is adorable and we have sure been thinking of you guys and pray the doctors will have insight into the procedure. So glad you and Rolf got to hold Rudy..the pictures are wonderful. Love, Tatum and Daniel

  9. Good for you Trish. We don’t like any of the BIG shots in movies anymore. Just because they have money they think they own the world. Well, it actually belongs to all of us. Including little Rudy. He is more precious than any of those clowns in Hollywood. May the Lord bless him with a quick healing, and a short time before he can go home.

    Take care, and we’ll keep up the prayers.

  10. We are praying for you! Given that Brad is so into humanitarian causes/helping people, hopefully he himself would be more sympathetic and understanding (should you ever find yourself sitting down with him and explaining the whole pizza fiasco 🙂 than the bodyguard.

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