It’s Happening…

It’s a little after 5pm and the procedure is happening now.  I left Rudy in the Cath lab sedated waiting for Dr. Dan who was addressing an emergency in the CTICU.  Turns out the emergency is in the room next door to Rudy’s so when I got back to Rudy’s room I was able to wish Dr. Dan well as he headed down to Rudy…a few minutes later he was back up tending to the little baby girl next door (please say a quick prayer for this precious little one who has the same condition as Rudy) but he is now back down with Rudy again so things should be underway. 

If Dr. Dan does only one catheter, the procedure should take about 90 minutes.  If he sees something in the first go around that warrants a second catheter, then the procedure could take 3+ hours.  So, I’ll post again later tonight when Rudy is back safe and sound.

Transfer from crib to table.
Transfer from crib to table.









Knocked Out
Knocked Out
Cath Lab
Cath Lab
Dr. Gary Satou just stopped in to say he was going to go down and check on Rudy!  -Sweet guy!!!

2 thoughts on “It’s Happening…

  1. I love your pictures. They really help me understand what a huge and wonderful thing that is happening to take care of Rudy. It DOES take a lot of equipment, doesn’t it? And I am still praying for little Rudy–and all of you.

  2. With you in prayer…

    Today one of Luke’s high school teachers told me that they pray for Rudy every day in Science Class. Then Luke told me that all his classes pray for Rudy. How cool is that? I love how the family of God can grow in love through prayer for a precious little boy!

    Peace to you as Rudy is going through this procedure!

    The Van Fam

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