Road Trip to Rudy

Probably won’t have much time for a post today as we’re loading up the kids and driving down to see Rudy for the day.  We had a couple of “normal” days at home.  Trish slept most of Friday and I went to a chiropractor for the first time in my life.  It helped…I think.

Friday night we went to the Parks and Rec flag football playoffs to cheer on Max.  They won in the first round (which brought encouragement and satisfaction for the kids), but lost in the second (which brought encouragement and freedom for my weekend).  So, Saturday I raked the leaves off the lawn (which felt refreshingly normal), picked some avocados and then helped Wilson and Max fabricate a practice dummy for their sword skills.  While most of our community focuses on preparing for earthquakes, mudslides, floods and fires,  I have to ask if anyone is preparing for hand-to-hand combat.  Whether they be marauding Orcs, Storm Troopers, Pirates, Trolls or Goblins, they dare not come from the north.  Sleep soundly, Santa Barbara, Wilson and Max have honed their skills and will see to it that no foe sees the other side of Fairview.

Thanks for all the comments on Greg’s Pictures.  Loved the poem a new friend posted on seeing them.  I have wondered about the strength Rudy has had to discover far sooner than most people do, but love to think of his smiles underneath all of that tape.

5 thoughts on “Road Trip to Rudy

  1. This is awesome that you have been feeling a sense of “normalcy”… it must feel great…
    Praise God for that ! Hope all is well with everyone, and that Rudy will keep getting stronger…
    Much love and prayers to yours..


  2. We’re so happy that you had a bit of refreshing normality and rest…and that you had a taste of football triumph and combat training.

    The pictures of Rudy’s world are stellar…Rudy has brought love, and wonder and a celebration of the value of life to this team of Rudy-prayer-warriors! ….we’ll be praying Rudy through the quarter finals, semi-finals and to when he finally get to sleep in Goleta!

    The Van Fam

  3. Glad you got the poem. I sent it to Greg literally right after righting it in the moment of seeing Rudy. I was in a crowded space in Dallas, but couldn’t help my self and had to write:)

    Kendall – aka Kilo Roam

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