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Today is October 21st and it’s hard to believe that today was the date originally slated to induce labor!  My oh my, nothing in this odyssey has gone according to plan but I can say that in this moment of this hour of today I’m thankful…extremely thankful for the quiet morning we’re having after a string of, at times, terrifying moments over the weekend.  The episodes in the past few days have set us back potentially a week which isn’t discouraging to me as long as Rudy remains stable.  The hardest part of this past weekend was watching him struggle.  At one point, Olivia and I were in the room with Rudy when he started having trouble.  The team came in to tend to him and I started to get more and more uncomfortable with Olivia in the room so I decided to leave with her and take her back to the hotel room but I was heartbroken leaving Rudy knowing he was struggling so.  I was torn and didn’t know which was the better choice.  I cried on the walk back to the hotel.  Not really aware that Rudy was distressed, Livy patted my hand as we walked and said “the tears just come and go, don’t they?”. 

(I apologize in advance if this is too much information…)  Another odd dynamic to this whole scenario is that my milk has been in a perpetual state of “letting down” since Friday…a constant (and somewhat exhausting) reminder that things aren’t as they “should” be.  I’m getting quite a reputation in the CTICU for my milk production.  Because I don’t have a place to store my milk, we’ve been storing it at the hospital and the various freezers on the floor are getting full.  The classic quote on this subject came from Olivia when she saw me pump for the first time and ran out of the room to tell her brothers that “Mommy’s making milk like a cow!!”.  So, you can add “milk maid” or “Bessie” to the growing list of new names for me.  It’s all okay with me as long as Rudy will one day need it!  He’s off all breastmilk now and will be for a while so in the meantime I’ll keep dispensing and finding creative places to store it!  I don’t know how good the milk is, though, with all the emotional dips and outbursts of the past few days, I’m surprised the milk isn’t coming out curdled!!

Your amazing persistence in praying for Rudy and our family is GREATLY appreciated.  Thank you!!!

16 thoughts on “a.k.a. The Milk Maid

  1. Through this blog I feel that I get to know you and your family better… I am glad to hear that Rudy is stable… May God see you through this hard experience… until you guys come out victorious, and you take your baby home… he will then go through all the milk you have stored for him in no time ! 🙂
    Faith, prayerful

  2. Precious pictures!!!! Yes, those tears just come and go….BLESS YOUR HEARTS…(as you would say, Trish!)

  3. WHat precious pictures! He defintely looks like his siblings! I am so glad today has turned into the peaceful day you were hoping for yesterday 🙂 Ever Prayful!


  4. Trish, you are not a milk maid, you are a dairy QUEEN (royalty). I will be in touch. My schedule is weird this week due to school conferences. I will be up there before too long though! Love and prayers…

  5. Trish, my darling girl! Would it help at all if I were to drive by with a big cooler and store some milk in our big freezer in the back? There’s a lot of room! Let me know if you’d like me to, I could come Friday. Love you all, still praying for Rudy!

  6. Trish,
    Love the photos! I can’t believe how big all the kids are now. Rudy will catch up in his own time. We will keep praying for you all.

    Great that you can produce so much milk, not everyone can. Many hospitals look for milk doaners, if the freezer gets too full, that could be a blessing to another family. Just a thought.

  7. praying continually for your precious kids….all of them. I look forward everyday to your updates. You are never far away. xxooR

  8. Olivia seems so grown up with her compassionate statement to you….I don’t know what made me tear more – her words or the hand patting.
    God made you extra strong, still producing milk under all that stress! And the thought of curdled milk is just ewww!
    Praying for the Geyling family.

    -silvia yi

  9. It’s great to see the whole younger generation of the Geylings together.

    My our prayers be heard. And may God bless you all.

    steve s.

  10. Great pics and wonderful stories. So wonderful to read of Olivia’s tenderness and compassion…good to remember the next time she’s throwing a hissy over some seemingly meaningless situation – your kids do throw hissy-fits, don’t they?!?!?!

    Know that we are praying for you always.

    PS – Grandpa is running laps around the rehab gym and has organized a fun run for the staff and patients (not really, but he is walking unassisted and doing amazing things in the pool — God is good!)

  11. Hey M2, You know that the SBRM takes food donations! The guys would never know the difference. We have a big refrigerator. Just a thought. 🙂

    Love you woman, Kelly

    The kids look great and I loved Olivias comment to you. Too dang sweet.

    Howdy to Rolf!

  12. As far as the milk… MHS has a HUGE walk in freezer. We would be happy to bring some coolers and store some over here for a while. (We’d label it well… don’t touch, etc) Let us know. We’d love to see you soon anyway. (Go Rudy, go!) Love you-

  13. Trish,

    Just a thought….if you’ve stockpiled enough for Rudy, maybe you could outsource yourself as a nurse maid down in the pediatric ward. 🙂

    (That thought might just qualify as an “EWWWW” suggestion.

  14. Hi Trish,

    Olivia provided you with some much needed comic relief — “out of the mouths of babes”. You can also add another sobriquet for yourself: Beautiful Mother of THE MOST Beautiful Children! Your kiddos are all so adorable — and your little Rudy, wow what a stunner. This come from an “expert” since my youngest once won a Beautiful Baby Contest first prize, so I know cute when I see it.

    Maybe you can donate some extra milk to premies or other little sick babies whose moms aren’t dispensing. (Does it have a shelf life?)

    Sending lots of loving prayers to the Father’s Throne room for the Geylings,

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