Anxiety on the Plateau

Last night and this morning were challenging.  While Rudy seemed peacefully asleep most of the day yesterday, late in the evening and this morning he took on a bit more of a troubling appearance.  While his kidneys are functioning and the team feels it is more a matter of time than a cause for alarm, he hasn’t been very alert for awhile and it’s hard to tell whether he’s awake or asleep–his eyes are puffy and he doesn’t open them very far.  When he does open them the look seems a bit more pained as opposed to the quiet curiousity they used to have.  This morning when I came in and got close he got more animated, the guages picked up and shortly thereafter a small tear formed out the side of his left eye.

His lower torso has a lot of extra fluid and shakes as he hiccups and makes raspy snorts out of his ventilator.  Not the most comforting thing to have to sit by and watch.  Dr. Reemtsen and Dr. Levi have both already stopped in (on Saturday!?) with the same message.  We’re on a plateau, things are progressing, it will just take awhile.  They are going to start Rudy on a different diuretic to see if that furthers his progress.

Emotionally, it’s been a bit challenging for us.  After the drama of surgery earlier in the week and Rudy’s initial progress, it was easy to get lulled into thinking this was going to be smooth sailing, but today we’re encountering the reality of this process and the challenges of enduring it.  Thanks for continuing to pray.  We’re excited that the kids will arrive shortly and that Oma and Opa will be able to sit with Rudy for awhile.  We do wish that the kids would be able to see the wide open, curious eyes we got to see earlier this week, but we’ll have to play that by ear.

18 thoughts on “Anxiety on the Plateau

  1. Rolf and Trish

    Be assured…we are still praying! …along with many Covenant folks (email prayer webs) and PVBCC Family Camp folks….

  2. Trich & Rolf,

    We are of course still praying A LOT and will continue until all is well.

    Rudy is darling and seems like a tough little guy. We have Faith that all is going as planned and he will just keep improving.

    We also have many family members and their prayer groups praying as well. There is strength in numbers. Keep your chins up.

  3. I pray the Rudy will recover and get all his strength to fight this attack from the enemy! Our God is a good God !
    I started a prayer chain, and am checking this blog everyday, hoping for good news !
    Faith, friend of Teresa Geyling.

  4. Like everyone else, we are praying for you. Please keep in mind that these valleys have corresponding highs. These highs will hopefully be more frequent, and soon Rudy will be home. Today I took my daughter for a walk around the block- I remember the long nights in the hospital when I doubted I would ever have that chance…I did, and you will too. Stay strong.

  5. I am hoping and praying the new diuretic helped. Sometimes human bodies just get used to a drug and a new one is needed. Not an unusual occurence even in adults. I hope all went well with the drive down to LA. It must be nice to be a family together this weekend. We are praying hard for that fluid to exit, hopefully with lots of urination, pee, urine, number one, wee wee, empty my bladder, pee pee, taking a leak, whatever you call it!!

  6. Oh Heavenly Father we pray for your covering over this precious baby. Father we ask you to hover over him and assure Him of your perfect peace and comfort. God we ask for you to carry him through all of this and we pray that you will give his little body the strength he needs to overcome. Oh Jesus please hear our prayers for our dear friends. How much we love the Geylings and love this precious baby. In Jesus’ name we pray Father, amen.

  7. The 2nd day after surgery was a bad one for me too. The first day had been like a party in the room with all the staff wanting to know our story combined with my quick improvement. Day two wasn’t so good. I had inflammation around my heart and a very weird clicking sound in my chest. I was tired and I was worried. Reality of the situation came storming back. I thought “I’m not out of the woods yet”.

    Then Vicki, Anita, Dr. Reemsten and Dr. Jamal all came by to take a listen and a look. I’m familiar with Dr Reemsten’s demeanor and am confident he tells it the way it is. Letting you know things will be fine is exactly what he did with me. It’s something to keep an eye on he said but nothing to stress about. Then reminding me it was only a matter of time and that I had had just come off a sleepless night following major surgery.

    He was right, everything did get better and Rudy will have a better day tomorrow too! Hang in there.


  8. Here is our best wishes for Rudy and for you from old Europe. Since Ewald discovered this section we are following Rudy’s reconvalscence with great compassion. We are praying that everything will turn out allright. Be strong to go through all this.
    All the best
    Astrid and Dieter

  9. Precious ones. We will ride the roller coaster up and down with Rudy. Bless your hearts and especially his.

    I know the kids will love being with you overnight. You are trying so hard to keep up with all of your responsibilities. We pray for stamina and rest for you.

    I brought Dad home yesterday and Aunt Kate was here to welcome us and help get settled in. FBC gals begin food coming in daily beginning Monday. Rick will fly in and be here Wed – Monday so that will be a big help. I am doing
    okay so far only wish we could control the pain better. Tell Rudy Grandpa gets a tear in his eyes now and then too.

    We love you all so much and thank God Franz and Helga can be there to help at home.

    Cor. 10:13……………Love you, Mama

    Up and down night and we hope today will be better. We will go back to get the stitches out on Tu or Wd.

  10. Hey guys, we love you and think of you all everyday. We pray for strength and peace to weather this storm. May God continue to uphold you in His arms of love as you move forth with confindence that He IS in control! Enjoy the time with all 4 of your kids! Much love, Angie, Joe & family

  11. Hang in there! We’re all still praying. Glad the kids are coming today. Enjoy the time together as a family! We love reading your updates and look forward to hearing more about Rudy’s progress. He’s been doing so well so far, I’m sure this little plateau is just part of his body’s way of coping. We’re confident and continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
    Love, N, K, K and S.

  12. Dearest Trish and Rolf….thank you for the updates which help us to say our prayers for precious Rudy and to continue to ask God for Rudy’s healing…and “peeing”. What a comfort to know that you are getting the very best of care w/ physicians who are so incredibly skilled in working with these tiny patients and their health challenge.

    Thank you Rolf for your incredible updates and showing the emotions that you are feeling as you go thru this daily process. You and Trish are amazing.

    We will continue praying for dear Rudy. We love the precious photos of you and Trish and Rudy all in the same photo……Rudy must know surely feel your presence.
    God Bless all of you..
    Love, Pete and Gerd

  13. Hi Trish and Rolf,

    It was so good to see you and Rudy for our brief visit on Friday. It’s evident that Rudy has been through quite a traumatic event…but the HUGE circle of praying friends around the world is constantly lifting this little precious one to the throne of the Father. We will not stop praying, and we are confident that God is doing a miracle right there in little Rudy. . . We know our Lord Jesus has a very tender spot in his heart for the little ones, “for the kingdom belongs to such as these”. So I am sure He is holding Rudy close to his bosom. Trish, even though you can’t pick him up and cuddle him as you’d love to, we know Jesus can and will!

    May He give you such a blessed time with your other three kids this weekend, ease the sorrow of parting, and strengthen and uphold your kids as they go back to their lives in Santa Barbara, and you as you continue to wait. May He renew your strength dear friends…you are NOT alone there.

    May your Mom and Dad also experience God’s presence with them in this journey–and a lessening of the pain for your Dad.

    We are praying God will give you rest, comfort, peace, joy, and strength as you wait. And Lord, turn on Rudy’s faucet–let it pour!

    Love to you!

    Chris and Lisa

  14. Hi there. You are strongly in our prayers.Love you and Rudy is so precious. Had a big weekend so I am real sorry I havent posted anything, but you are in our thoughts and prayers constantly. God bless you all with his perfect love.

  15. Hi Rolf and Trish, so glad I finally was able to get to this site. Just want you to know that we’ve been lifting you all up in prayer and with my work being so close to Children’s Hosp. I’m continually reminded of Rudy and although sometimes i don’t know how exactly to pray I know our Lord understands and hears. We love you guys.

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