Another Member of the Brian Reemtsen Fan Club!

While doing some googling today, we came across a site of another person who has been in our favorite heart surgeon’s care.  Not the usual pediatric patient, but a great account of the quality of the team here at UCLA.  We’ll write a tribute of our own soon!

To read what Mike wrote about Rudy, click here:

So glad that the same team giving our kid a chance at life is giving Mike’s kids a chance to have their dad!  The internet rocks.

6 thoughts on “Another Member of the Brian Reemtsen Fan Club!

  1. Yes, God has had His hand on you being at UCLA. I am so glad Rudy’s responding well to his surgery. Go Rudy! I would never want to be glad that you have to live at UCLA Med. Center b/c it is under hard circumstances, but I enjoy keeping up with you all via this blog! While Rolf’s writing is not as carefree as in the days of Surf Sanders, his cleverness and quick wit still comes through these posts. And Trish is still managing to smile and be her cute “spic and span” , ever-corresponding self. Love to you all!

  2. I remember praying with you over insurance.. Children’s Hospital or UCLA and wondering what was the Lord up too?! In hind sight, it must have been Dr. Reemtsen and his crew! So good to know Rudy is in good hands.
    We love you and start our day praying for Rudy and the rest of the family!
    The kids say hey to Wilson, Max and Olivia!
    Love, Steven, Linda , Steve-o and Emily

  3. Hi Rolf, Trish, Wilson, Max, Olivia AND Rudy!

    Wow, I’ve spent most of the morning reading your story. Thank you for taking the time to share it with the world. You’re right the internet does rock! Using the blog to keep everyone up on the latest was much easier for us too and the writing can be therapeutic like you say. Whatever your reasons for writing I hope you continue to do so, I’ll be interested to hear how Rudy one day has a big summer hair himself!

    As you’ve said, Dr. Reemtsen and his staff are amazing but really everyone at UCLA was fantastic and appeared to be very good at what they do and encouraged to keep improving their education and skills.

    Like you we were torn between options for hospitals. Even questioning coming to LA rather than going to Hawaii which is much closer to Saipan! In the end we now know the “reason” behind why everything happened the way it did. We landed in the hands of Dr. Reemtsen and the amazing crew of UCLA.

    For the record you’ll find they all seem to want to get their picture taken once they find out you have a blog! I know Rudy still has a long way to go but he’ll pull through it, looks like he’s got quite a bit of fight in him. He’ll need it with those siblings!

    Look forward to the updates!


  4. Hey guys! You are in my thoughts and prayers all through the day. Thank you for sharing your story and allowing us to walk with you on this journey. Your family is amazing and you are loved deeply.

  5. Dear Rolf, Trish and family.

    I heard about your new little Rudy via C. A. Also, Gilly and Monica gave me this link to keep me in the loop. I am praying that God will give you an immense amount of peace and strength (he never gives us more than we can bear!!). Your kids are getting so big (it really has been a long time since I’ve seen you– miss seeing you at K.C.!!!). I send all my love!!


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