Fun Day With Rudy

Click on pics to make them larger!

5 thoughts on “Fun Day With Rudy

  1. He knows who is mama and papa are – look at the way he looks at you! I’ve never seen such adorable pictures.

  2. Hi Trish and Rolf,
    Wow, what an amazing story! Lisa Call gave us your blog address so we could keep up on all the news. What a beautiful and strong little boy you have. Love, love, love all the pictures and the posts. We pray for your whole family every day. What a special gift you have been given.
    Love and Hugs,

  3. Trish – What a privilege to be reading your blog about little Rudy and to be praying for you. Our group at Women’s Bible Study were on our knees as Rudy was being born and your dad was having his surgery. I have the blue bracelet (passed along to me by Lisa) hanging in my car so that as I’m driving around Santa Barbara, I remember to pray for you all (your dad as well). May God continue to hold you close to his heart. Sara

  4. Trish and Rolf’
    Since I was there when Rudy was barely opening his eyes,it really touched my heart to see his eyes wide open looking at Mommy and Daddy!As I told you,the blog is a gift to us all.I pray that the week-end brings blessings to your whole family…..Love,Donna

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