My Love Affair with a Foot

Surgery Day 10-6-08
Surgery Day 10-6-08
Ready for transport
Ready for transport

Hi Everyone!  I’ve been itching to get to my computer all day to read everyone’s comments…being connected to you all through the blog feels amazing…we are so NOT alone and the blog really helps to reinforce that…so, again, thank you, thank you, thank you!  Today is not a day I want to repeat but I’m ending the day so very grateful for it’s outcome.  I’m adding a couple of photos from very early this morning just before they took him to surgery…I thought Rudy looked so handsome in his little blue beanie I just couldn’t resist! 

Rudy’s looking a bit different now…a little paler and drawn in the face…they have discreetly covered his open chest with a blanket but it didn’t prevent me from seeing part of it when we first saw him after surgery…a pretty tough sight for me but I was quickly reminded that although it’s no way to start a life, this is giving him a chance at life and a full one at that.

One thing that hasn’t changed is Rudy’s precious left foot.  When he was first born, I was able to hold him for a minute before the took him to the NICU but since then, we’ve only been able to touch certain parts of his body…mostly the top of his head because that’s the one thing that hasn’t have a tube or cord connected to it.  We’ve, at times, been able to rest our fingers on his little chest and this morning we were able to stroke his soft little back as the nurse turned him on his side for a bit for comfort. 

A day or two after getting all hooked up to his entourage of monitors, they were able to free up his left foot of connection to anything and for the first time, we were able to really wrap our hand around something and hold tight.  It felt so good and that whole day all I wanted to do was hold on to that foot and when I left for the night, I kissed the bottom of it and gave it a little eskimo kiss with my nose!!!  So, for the past few days I’ve had a growing love affair with Rudy’s foot.  It was the last thing I held on to when he left for surgery this morning and it was the first thing I looked for when he came back.  It’s still free of any cords and as his appearance changes before he starts looking like himself again (the doctor warned us tonight that he’ll most likely get quite puffy and to not be alarmed), you can bet that sweet little foot will be the constant I’ll be looking for to grab onto and give a reassuring squeeze!

Good night everybody, Sleep well…Good night Rudy, I’m so proud of you!!!

37 thoughts on “My Love Affair with a Foot

  1. Awesome.

    I remember a harder time back in my college days, when I was not really someone who would/could accept much touch from anyone. I was sitting on the floor against a wall in a room, with a friend across the little dorm room also sittle on the floor leaving against the opposite wall. We prayed about some things going on, and then this friend reached forward and gave my foot a squeeze. I remember how much that small foot-hug
    affected me. I thank God you were able to give Rudy a little foot hug!

    The Lord bless and comfort you.


  2. We’re soaking all of you in prayer (with extra for Olivia!). The friends/customers at Village Christian have joined the prayer chain for you. Trish, Rachel (without reading the blog) said “Rudy looks so handsome in the hat!” So we all agree that he is one handsome guy.
    Seriously, we are contending for all of you and you’re definitely not alone!

    Bob, Laurie, Rachel and Jessica

  3. Still praying and wearing our precious braclets. I miss you guys so much.Just know that my heart is with you and my prayers are constant for dear Rudy. He is a true miracle from above. Love you and hope to talk soon.OXOXOX

  4. Just a note to let you know we are keeping you in prayer. Thanking God for the good reports on Rudy and prayer and fasting today for your dad’s surgery. Sending lots of love.

  5. How precious! Thank you again and again for sharing your thoughts. I picked up my daughter Rachel from Orange County yesterday. As we were driving past the UCLA area I shared with her about your family and Little Rudy. Our prayers are with little Rudy. How precious he is in his pictures. I will forever have that picture in my mind of Rudy’s left foot.

  6. Hanging on every word from you and uplifting Rudy and you and the medical team and Wilson and Max and Olivia in prayer.

  7. Wow! this blog is wonderful!! My friend from church said she’d have to quit reading the blog at work because she didn’t want to use up all the kleenex at work….it is truly touching and graciously allows us to be a part of this huge prayer team.

    Trish I know your heart will be torn today as your dear daddy undergoes surgery and your dear cherub rebounds from his surgery. We’re with you….enjoy that precious little foot and the Strong Arms that are holding you all through this.

  8. You guys are in my prayers! Rudy is so precious, and Trish you look absolutely amazing. I miss you guys and I wish I could be there. Thanks so much for keeping such a detailed blog so we all can know what’s happening. I love you!!!

  9. Having been following your day by day journey and that of precious little Rudy..everyone here at FBC Lawrence Kansas is praying for all of you. We feel like he belongs to all of us. The pictures are so so sweet. We will take care of Mama Jo and Papa Dick as they climb their own mountain, they both are so dear to us. Please know they are surrounded by lots of love and support. Blessings to all of you… Elaine and Ted

  10. Dearest Trish,
    You look so beautiful in your red blouse and your smiling face- I know Rudy can hardly wait for you to cuddle him. It won’t be long before he sits in the middle of your beautiful family portrait (probably in Livvy’s lap). Alex can hardly wait to guard him. Moochies to W,M&O.-

  11. You don’t know us but we go to church with Alex and Teresa. We are praying for little Rudy and the rest of the family. You are right…he is very handsome in his beanie. 🙂

    Just wanted you to know that Rudy has prayers coming from all over the country.

  12. I cannot read your blog updates without crying. This time the thing that got me was not your words or the pictures of Rudy but noticing the drawings and pictures that are taped around Rudy’s station. I can see one that says “LOVE YOU. LOVE YOU. LOVE YOU.” I sure hope this little guy can feel how loved he is. We share your sense of relief now that the surgery is over. We are so thankful he made it through and we will continue to pray during his recovery. He is a strong little guy. Most definitely. And more prayers lifted up for your dad’s surgery.

    Keep steady Rudy. Hold on friends. Hold onto that little left foot! Hold onto each other. Know that you are greatly loved. And when Rudy is well enough make an imprint or tile of that precious left foot.


  13. We are so thankful the surgery went well and have been thinking of all of you. Rudy is SO precious and what a tough little guy. I love the adorable blue beanie! Love, Tatum and Daniel

  14. So glad and thankful things are going smoothly. He is one tough cookie!! Our prayers continue, know we send over lots of hugs!!

  15. Okay, I was thinking about it more and more. There are a lot of references to feet in the bible. I just read this, and it makes me think of you and your family, the rock for Rudy : Ps 40:2-3 NKJV He also brought me up out of a horrible pit, Out of the miry clay, And set my feet upon a rock, And established my steps. 3 He has put a new song in my mouth — Praise to our God; Many will see it and fear,

    And will trust in the LORD.

  16. So pleased that things are going so well,praying for Rudy and Katie and both families, not forgeting your dad.GOD is mercyful.

  17. oh my! We love you guys so much and are asking for God’s supernatural wonderful healing for little Rudy! Trish, I just wish I could come give you a big hug as I am sure your body is tired from the great job you did getting Rudy here. I am praying for rest of all sorts for you as you pray and wait with Rudy. He is precious just like the other three! Thanks for putting the pictures on the blog so we could see his beautiful little face.

  18. I finally figured out how to leave a message so now I can tell you how much you are in my heart, and have been, through this past couple of months–and when I discovered Rudy had been born in the midst of my move, I changed my “fast and prayer” day to be half yesterday and half today, so I could pray for Rudy and your Dad as well, Trish.

    I love you guys so much and can’t imagine the myriad of feelings and emotions and thoughts — all I can do is pray, and I am, and our little church plant here is praying as well.

    Much love to all of you–Susie

  19. Hey you guys….we are praying for Rudy and all of you from up here in Portland. I wish there was more we could do…but we love you guys and are praying like crazy. Tell the other three crazies we love them too..

  20. Oh my dear Trishie…how much I wish I could come and give you a big hug real soon. I cry every time I read your blog and today was the clencher. How much all of us are falling in love with this precious one! You continue to be in our prayers and we will be remembering your dear daddy tomorrow as he goes in for his surgery. Please let us know how it goes. Love you…

  21. Congratulations! Wow, we are so happy to hear the great news and how well cute Rudy is doing. He has been in our thoughts and prayers and we will continue to hold him there. Little Rudy is so blessed to have such a wonderful and loving family. He already proves to be such a little fighter and we pray for his speedy recovery. We send your entire family big hugs and kisses.
    Lots of love,
    Stephanie, Mike & Luke Richards

  22. Rolf and Trish,
    The Christian Assembly community is holding you and your beautiful son in prayer. Love you guys!


  23. Dear Rolf and Trish,

    Through Bob and Kathy and the Emmanuel prayer chain, I have learned about Rudy. You have done a wonderful job with your blog the last few days.
    As a retired NICU nurse, who has taken care of babies like Rudy, pre and post op, I can appreciate a lot of what you are going thru. I am sure that he is getting the best care possible at UCLA. You seem to have a very good grasp of all the technical information, as overwhelming as that is.
    Please know that Rudy and you are in our prayers.
    We will be praying also that you both get your much needed rest and sleep.

  24. Will keep you in my prayers … for Rudy, for your family dealing with your Dad’s condition, and for the kiddos at home … may the Lord bring you peace and comfort knowing you are where you need to be. Keep on keeping on in His grace sufficient. Love and hugs…Dorothy

  25. Please give Rudy a loving stroke for me too. I woke up at 4 am praying for the little guy and praying for mom and dad also. I am glad to get this good news this morning and will be patiently waiting for more news to come. Love you all so much. I think I will stop by and see the kids today and bring some Dips. Hope that will be ok. I will call first. love alana

  26. I cling to your comments and so appreciate hearing every detail. Thank you so much, for inspiring all of us with your faith and trust. My heart breaks over the news of your Dad, Trish, and as a cancer survivor, that WORD evokes horror, when you hear it. Our hope is in Christ, so we will pray and trust Him for all things.

  27. Rolf, Trish and Children-have been praying continually but like Susie, couldn’t figure out how to send a message on the blog until now. The pictures of Rudy are adorable. You all are really troopers and we are just trusting that the Lord will strengthen you as needed. Praying also for your dad, Trish. Keep us posted. Love, Brent and Judy

  28. Dear Precious Ones…We have called the office a couple of times and Julie has been so kind to fill us in so that we better pray for you and little Rudy. A handsome little guy, just like the rest of the family! Then this morning she sent the blog on to us and we are SO thankful for it. What a dear little gift from Heaven and what a great God to give the wisdom to take care of this life in such a remarkable way. Trish, we have heard conserning your father, also, and will add him to our prayers. God keep your hearts an minds at peace because He is in control. We were reading Isa. 40 this A.M….hold v.11 close to your heart. “He tends His flock like a Shepherd, He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart, He gently leads those that are young.” You are dearly loved and prayed for always. Faye and Don

  29. Hi Trish,
    I am so glad that I got the request for prayer for baby Rudy. I miss seeing your smiling face at CA. I have been wearing the cross that you made since I got it. I receive many compliments on it.
    I loved reading the notes on the blog. What a beautiful family.
    I pray the Lord will hold all of you up with his grace and bring Rudy to a full recovery. Can’t wait to have him at Kid’s church on your future visits to LA!!
    Love,prayer and Blessings!!

  30. Hi Trish,
    This is Nick Willows. I really miss you and your family, so much. First of all, let me congratulate you on the birth of your son, and please know that my thoughts and prayerys are for him and your family at this time. I have joined a great church here in lincoln, where i live, and others will be praying for him too. Please keep in touch and informed of any progress.
    God Bless

    PS Would you please say a special hello to Olivia for me and of course to the boys too.

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