Late Night Check In

It’s 1am and I was just able to pull myself away from Rudy.  Sat by his bedside praying, reading Psalms and just looking him.  Nurse Debbie is a pro and has his oxygen saturation pegged right where it needs to be.  They  adjusted the ventilator a bit as he was getting too much oxygen because he was battling it and taking breaths on his own–medically not what we need, but there’s some paternal pride swelling in me to know he’s spunky and fighting.  We visit a bit every now and again as she comes in to check or adjust something.  They have him back on the paralytic, but it’s not totally working.  Twice he struggles and opens his eyes a bit.  As I let go of his foot after holding it awhile, he gives a small kick.  Debbie thinks he knows I’m there because his heart rate jumped significantly after I sat down next to him.  I spend a lot of time looking at his chest going up and down.  It’s warm, smooth and perfect.  I can feel the heart beating away inside there–to every appearence a perfect and beautiful boy.  And in just a few hours this perfect chest is going to start carrying a scar that will be there for the rest of his life.  I don’t like that but it has to happen.  I grieve the scar, but I also pray I’ll be able to see it when he’s jumping into the pool or running in the breakers at the beach.  I pray my grandkids will groan as they have to listen once more to daddy’s retelling of the “heart operation story”.  Sleep well, Rudy, it’s gonna be quite a day…

7 thoughts on “Late Night Check In

  1. It’s already Monday morning here and we want you guys to know we’ve been praying for you all this morning – for Rudy’s little body to be strong and respond well to the surgery, for the doctors to work with precision and for God’s great peace and comfort for you today. You’re in our hearts and prayers…

  2. Well, my dear ones, this is the day. Precious Rudy does display some grit, doesn’t he? He is trying to keep kicking as he has been for several weeks. God bless you, little one, we all look forward to the day when you can be free to do so.

    And to you, sweet Trish, your Dad and I have been grieving over the task ahead that you will face as you have to watch your baby suffer. Some moments will take all of the grit YOU can muster and our Lord will be present with you to provide the strength you need. We envision the day when he will be healed and be the proud boy who is showing us how he has learned to walk and talk and do all the things Wil, Max and Livy can do. We are so blessed by all of you.

    Then to you our special Rolf. How we admire your loving attention to our beautiful daughter, then to the children, then to your residents and staff at SBRM. Your plate is so full and yet you give us all hope and comfort with your stories on Rudy’s Beat.

    We send our love and prayers directly to the “Great Physician” and on to all of you today and the days ahead.
    1 John: 3:14-15

  3. We all said a prayer together this morning before taking Tori to school. I’m praying throughout the morning.

  4. You are so in our prayers. As we drove in this morning we prayed for Rudy’s surgery as the sun was coming up. For you and the kid’s also. It breaks my heart to read your page, but thankful that you have included all of us. God has blessed us with your family. David and I will be praying all day for all of you. Blessings

  5. Trish, I only just met you at the leaders retreat. I am so glad you came, so I could know you and hold Rudy and all, in my prayers. He is trully adorable. His life blesses us all. Thank You for being such a wonderful mother, daughter, wife and child of God. May God Bless you and Keep You Close. Love in Him, Margaret

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