Labor Update

Made it to UCLA. They’ve started Pitosin to induce labor. We’ve been briefed by the neo natal team and they will be standing by at delivery. They’ve prepared us for a big crew to be here at delivery and what the different scenarios might be–likely Rudy will be taken to NICU for 2 hrs while they assess.

As long as Rudy isn’t stressed, the plan is for a normal delivery. We’re at 3cm 50% effaced as of 11am.

More when we know it.

3 thoughts on “Labor Update

  1. Trish and Rolf,

    Chloe and I were just talking about your family last night! I was shocked to hear the news that you are in labor. Please know that you are heavy on my heart today and I have been praying ever since I heard. Love from here, Paige

  2. Young Clinton Rudolph is obviously demonstrating a fierce independence and a strong desire to get on with life!! GO RUDY!!!

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