Max’s Great Day!

Max had a great day.  Many people were touched by his precious response to not being able to play in a sports league this fall and several called to see if they could help out with rides, coaching and practices.  The main reason we didn’t feel like we could do this was the weekend commitments as the kids will likely be coming to LA regularly to see Trish and Rudy during the stay in ICU.  Then, our kind-hearted friends Jamie and Scott invited him to play on their flag football team whose games and practices are all on weekdays (who knew there were still youth sports leagues out there that didn’t require you to sign away your weekends?).  Max had his first practice yesterday and, even though I wasn’t able to be there, his unabridged recounting probably ended up taking longer than the practice itself.  Scott will have to explain to me what smelling your teammate’s armpit has to do with football, but Max sure thought that was cool.  He came out of his room multiple times after bedtime tonight to tell me one more detail about practice (each of which I had heard twice already).  At some point the rising sternness of my tone and his own tiredness got him to stay put but on my last check in, he drowsily lifted his eyelids and said, “Dad…I just wish I could have football practice everyday…”


Thanks, Jamie and Scott, for including Max and thanks to the many others who express concern for and extend compassion to our kids.  As focused as we are on Rudy, our prayers are also for Wilson (11), Max (9) and Olivia (6) and how all this affects them.  We appreciate your including them in your prayers as well.

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