Trish’s Update 8/17/08

Good Morning Friends!

I just wanted to thank you all for your comforting emails and phone calls.  I’m really bad at returning phone calls but your efforts in reaching us are greatly appreciated.  I also wanted to send out an update as many of you have inquired whether or not there are new developments.

First of all, my apologies to those of you who got our request for prayer and didn’t even know we were pregnant!!!  Ha Ha  Yes, well, the news of Geyling #4 coming our way came as quite a shock to us in early March.  We walked around in a daze for a few weeks but, of course, the idea of adding another to our family has grown on us and we’ve all since fallen in love with this little baby. The classic quote came from Max when we told the children I was pregnant…he burst into tears and said “I don’t mean to be offensive but I like our family just the way it is!”  Well, now he and Olivia have both eagerly offered to share their rooms with the baby and Maxi wakes up every morning, gives my big belly and hug and says “Good Morning Clinton” into my stomach because he read in my pregnancy book that the baby can hear outside sounds now!  Too cute….

Also, I’m kind of cutting and pasting my email list together as I go along so, again, please feel free to forward this on to any that might be interested and I’ve not included.



We just returned from our trip to June Lake and we had a good time together.  Although Rolf and I were preoccupied, it really was a good time to get away and love on the kids with our undivided time and attention.  We have no new news about little Rudy’s condition but Rolf did make contact with a perinatal administrator at Children’s Hospital in LA who was very encouraging and who is helping us arrange doctor visits, etc….Right now, we are in the process of getting the appropriate referrals and figuring out insurance stuff.  Rolf has gallantly taken all that on as dealing with insurance companies has never been one of my strengths!  I go back to my primary OB for a regular appointment a week from Monday (August 25th) and, hopefully, by then we’ll have our first round of appointments scheduled in LA. 

So, for now, our focus is getting the kids ready for and settled in school.  They start in a week (Monday the 25th) and I’m compelled to pray hard for the upcoming school year as this will be a year of adjustment, possibly long stretches of separation, a string of different care-givers, their own concern for Rudy and the different ways they will process that, etc, etc…and how all of this will play out in their school experience this year.  I’m praying they have fun learning, build quality friendships and, on those days when it’s just plain hard to be at school, that they will be met with compassion and encouragement by their teachers and peers.

Please continue to pray…there are nights when Rolf and I are awake staring at the ceiling and we start to pray together but the words just don’t come…it’s hard to know where to begin!  We are definitely experiencing answers to your prayers for peace and hope and so we ask you to continue as you truly are interceding on our behalf where our prayers fall short.

It’s funny how your perspective on little things can change in an instant…this baby has been very active for several weeks and I was starting to grow weary of all the kicking but now every time he kicks my response is “Go ahead, Rudy, kick!!!!  Kick as much as you want and get as strong as you can!”.  All of a sudden, there is joy in every kick and the little annoyances in pregnancy fade away.

Anyway, I guess I’ll close for now.  Thank you, thank you dear ones!!!!!!  Big hugs to you all,  Trish and all

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