8 A.M. Update

It’s 8 am and we just made “the walk” again down to OR to drop off Rudy. Trish and I got here at 5:45 as we were told the call could come at 6:30, but that gave us a long time to just sit with Rudy. He had a very peaceful night and all the vital stats held their balance.  The transport down to OR went smoothly save for a glitch in the elevator which sent us to the helipad instead of OR (new hospital and they had apparently activated the security card system where they have to scan a badge in order to start the elevator). Made for 30 very awkward seconds that felt like an hour before they got the thing moving again.

So now we’re going to the surgery waiting area. They call it “Maddie’s Room”, but I call it the patio of uneasy people.  We’ve walked by there a few times and it looks nice enough, but all the decoration in the world can’t comfort the family members sitting there waiting for their name to be called.  So now it’s our turn.  Hang in there, Rudy!!

Thanks for keeping Rudy and the doctors in your prayers during these hours.