Evening Update

We got a voicemail from Dr. Dan this evening telling us how great Rudy looks off the ventilator and, if we didn’t already know it, that we have a tough little guy.  My phone conversation with Dr. Robert this evening confirmed that and gave more detail on the events of the day.  I guess I was a bit off in my previous post in that, while the team was planning on taking out the tube within the hour, Rudy got it out himself about 30 minutes ahead of time.  It needs to be in just the right place and only a few centimeters can shift it out of place, something he was able to accomplish with his tongue and swallowing muscles.  Dr. Brian claims to have checked in on Rudy early this morning and told him to get rid of the tube, so I guess he was just being a good patient.

What makes us very glad right now is that the team is very encouraged by how good Rudy looks.  He’s breathing in the low 20s with saturations in the high 70s.  While he does get a bit agitated, he is able to calm himself down with the pacifier.  This has reportedly presented a problem of ingenuity in the CTICU, where they have gadgets that can probe just about every part of the body through any chosen orefice, but no appropriate technology for keeping an infant’s pacifier engaged.  Dr. Robert reports that quite a few innovative attempts have been made with various tubing and tape contraptions, but most of the time it requires a highly trained human index finger to hold it in place.  Hold on, everyone–we’ll be there shortly.