Move over, Kevin Bacon…

You might recall in my recent post on Dan Levi that I joked that I was waiting for the next “small world” connection we would make.  Well, Dan forwarded my post to his dad, Ilan Levy, who sent me an e-mail pointing out the following:

In addition to the many connections you made with Dan (Stanford, NJ, Morristown, Santa Barbara, …Free food…) I may have another link to offer:  Your last name GEYLING – triggered my memory of a FRANZ GEYLING from Bell Labs.  This man, Franz Geyling, was a Department Head at the Whippany Labs and also a “specialist recruiter” for Bell Labs at Stanford.  [“Specialist recruiting” meant the targeted recruitment of MS and Ph.D. candidates in specific specialties that Bell Labs needed.]  He recruited me in 1969 to join Bell Labs in Whippany where I started a very satisfying 27-year-long career.  I owe him a debt of gratitude for this pivotal “first real job” that lasted 27 years.

The connections just keep on coming.  Yes, this is my dad, who also happened to recruit me for my first job.   Isn’t it a long driveway, Ilan?  How long did it take you to shovel the snow off it?  Oh wait, as you used descriptors of “satisfying” and “gratitude” maybe he recruited you for a different job.

Over the past few months several friends have pointed out that, while this is a journey we never would have chose, there are unique discoveries and richness to be found.  I am so thankful for everyone directly involved in Rudy’s care, but smile that it gives me another reason to be grateful for my dad.  Thanks, Dad!