16 Years of Wedded Bliss…

"Oh, He shouldn't have!!!"This week, I based myself back in Santa Barbara because the extended absence from home was asking alot of Wilson, Max and Olivia.  Those of you in SB know what a perfect and clear week it was up there–good for the soul to look out all the way to the islands.  Great fun to be with Oma and Opa and the kids every evening after work, but I was also counting the days until Friday when I could come back and see Rudy.

In addition to seeing Rudy, I was also looking forward to being with Trish on our anniversary today.  They say it’s the thought that counts, so I came in and told her that I had thought of bringing her flowers, but they aren’t allowed in the ICU.  But I didn’t come in empty-handed.  On the way down here I came across the perfect gift–a trophy that says “BEST WIFE” on the plaque.  With great flourish, I pulled it out of the CVS bag and presented it to her.  She turned it over in her hands and looked puzzled until I realized I left the price tag on it (a steal at $9.99!).  Once it was removed the tears welled up in her eyes and she has been speechless since.  The only sounds she’s made have been the sobs everytime she looks at me or passes by her anniversary gift.  Nailed this one, baby–nothing but net! 

And it doesn’t end there.  While we’ll stick to our lunchtime regimen of soup in the cafeteria downstairs, I may just pamper her with extra crackers.  I just need to make sure I have enough left for the big anniversary dinner splurge at Chick-Fil-A on the drive home.  You better believe she can have two sides–waffle fries AND cole slaw!!!!  Sorry ladies; curb your envy–this dreamboat has left port!!

Hard to believe we’ve been married 16 years.  I can’t recall the course I envisioned we’d take, but so much of life is unexpected and that’s what makes it an adventure.  Even when some of the adventures include gut-wrenching challenges, there is such simple joy in having a companion to walk with.  We didn’t have much choice for where we could spend this anniversary, but the choice to laugh in the midst of it is one we won’t easily relinquish.  So HAPPY Anniversary to us!

happy anniversary



sitting with dad