Putting the FUN in Funeral!

I’ve had the details of my funeral mapped out for awhile but I met with my pastor and Rolf and Wilson last week to discuss it all while I can still talk. It hasn’t been an easy task…knowing how much to do by myself (which isn’t fun) and when to consult my family (who would rather not discuss it). Pastor James described it well…my death is something the family doesn’t want to think about and something I think about all the time. So true. I dreaded calling this meeting together but I also knew it would give me peace of mind to leave a plan in place and hopefully make it easier on everyone when the time comes. One could argue that this is something we should all be doing anyway and it is but, let me tell you, it would be a whole lot easier to stomach if the felt need wasn’t so imminent.

As you can imagine, there were tears at this meeting but, as is the Geyling gift, there were also a number of straight up jokes at my expense that made me laugh big belly laughs too. 🙂 I’m a woman of tradition & order and my choices reflect that but I also value community and creativity so that is evident too. And, of course, no Trish-organized-event would be complete without a party favor (already ordered and received!). Hopefully the details won’t reveal themselves for a very long time but when the time does come, I want my family and friends to carve out a space to grieve and embrace whatever unfolds while making room for big belly laughs too.

FYI, speaking of death and the need for funeral plans, today is the 25th and I miss my boy.

11 thoughts on “Putting the FUN in Funeral!

  1. Trish I understand- it’s that wanting to have as much control as you can have in the most uncontrollable experience of one’s life. John never wanted to talk about his death and never did, but how I wish he had been willing to…In doing what you are doing you are giving your family a gift but it’s the gift they most dread. Much love and support.

  2. Hhhhhhmm. Once again, with such grace and dignity you explain your harsh reality to us. In the midst of this difficult reality you continue to bring joy.

    …and I miss Rudy! 💙

    I love you sweet Trish. 💕

  3. The FUN in funeral! I never noticed that before, Thank you! Oh, my creative juices are flowing…

    Blessings on you and your family as you with our God, face the hard stuff each day.

    I con’t to pray that God will heal you completely.

    Love and hugs to you, Trish

  4. Trish, Gods creation in you is beyond words.. I cant even begin to fathom your ability to do the thing you do.. I consider myself a strong person, and yet I crumble just thinking about what you are enduring. The strength you have to continue to be you and do what you do is amazing… Thank you, thank you for being so resilient, faithful and continue to be such a great and beautiful mentor for all..

  5. Trish, you’re bravery in telling this difficult truth shows such courage. All I have in my heart is, darn it! I’m going to miss you if or when this day comes. I have missed talking to you and I pray often throughout my day for you. You come to mind so often, so does your family. I love you, my very sweet sister in Christ. You are a light and a sweet joy!

  6. You and your family are so brave and courageous to do this now. God’s blessing on you all as you move forward! I’m so thankful you all can laugh and do look on the bright side. God’s Spirit is so evident in you! Love you my dear dear sister!

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