Out of the Mouths of Babes

Just a couple of hours after I posted my last blog post, I got some sweet encouragement in the form of an email from “Tommy Walker Ministries” highlighting a new song written by Tommy’s daughter, Emmie…a friend since 2001 when our families attended the same church in Los Angeles.  I had to dig pretty deep in the Rudy’s Beat archive to find this picture of Rudy with a much younger Emmie in 2009.  😉

Walkers 015

Ahhh, and here’s another gem from around 2006…  🙂


I was blessed by Emmie’s song and sent her a text the following day to tell her so…here’s our exchange:






Yay!  She’s such a sweetheart!  Take a listen…I just know you’ll be blessed by it too:

Click Here

I’m grateful for the circle of creative and thoughtful young people in my life who continually remind me whether through music or art or written word that God is present in all things and actively pursuing me ALL my days…PERIOD!  Hallelujah!

7 thoughts on “Out of the Mouths of Babes

  1. That was beautiful Trish!!!❤️🙌
    So glad I saw this first thing Sunday morning!!!🌞
    Praying you are full of His joy!!!❤️💟❤️

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