Creativity Doesn’t Die

I’ve never been much of a dreamer…at night at least.  If I do dream while I sleep, I rarely wake up with memory of it.  As a result, the vivid dreams I’ve had the past couple of weeks are surprising to me.  I’ve dreamt about Rudy and just the other night I dreamt of me singing…standing up and playing the guitar.  I seem to be dreaming about the things I’ve lost so although the dreams themselves are pleasant, a heavy heart settles in when I wake up and realize it was only a dream.  It leads me to question, why is my subconscious choosing to create nighttime movie reels NOW – after all these years?!!!  It’s like my mind is on hyper-drive and doesn’t take a break even when I sleep.

I wonder if my mind is missing my creative outlets as much as my heart.  😉  This time of year is typically filled with a ton of creative expression for me through music and jewelry making.  I miss time spent in my little shop making my jewelry designs in preparation for my holiday trunk shows and open house.  And although I’m still helping to lead worship at my church, what I’m able to offer vocally is becoming severely limited and my arms are feeling the fatigue of playing guitar so the joy of music making is beginning to wane a bit.  That’s a tough realization this time of year too as my heart longs to sing “Mary Did You Know” with my friend Darlene as was tradition for many years or break out my guitar for impromptu carol sings.

The good news is creativity doesn’t die.  As the doors to certain creative expressions close, it seems I’m led to alternatives.  A friend of mine introduced me to the practice of praying with prayer beads last year when I shared that I was having a hard time focusing long enough to pray.  I was intrigued by it and did a little research on the history of Anglican/Protestant prayer beads (a cross between the Orthodox Prayer Rope and the Catholic Rosary) that led me through a fun journey of discovery.  I read a number of different suggested prayer guides and tried a few on for size and ultimately came up with an adapted compilation of my own.   It has been a sweet creative exercise AND benefit to my prayer life.  Win/Win!

Here’s a link to a .pdf of my prayer bead compilation if you’re interested!  You don’t need prayer beads to pray it with me!…

Daily Prayer

There is real value in adopting new practices when the old become stale or, in my case, die off.  It’s a helpful reminder to me that life is still being lived and my heart is still being inspired to express itself no matter how “stuck” I feel.  God is, truly, ever present!

A sweet little collection of meaningful artifacts is growing on the arm of my wheelchair. 🙂

‘So, so grateful Darlene and I recorded our rendition of “Mary Did You Know” several years ago with the help of our friends Jake and Jeremy (I don’t even care anymore that I’m a little pitchy).  I’m sharing it again here in honor of our tradition.  🙂

Speaking of tradition, we were so touched to see that Rudy was included in the Christmas decorations at the flagship Kyles Kitchen again this year! Thank you Ferros…you bless us!             Hi Rudy!


8 thoughts on “Creativity Doesn’t Die

  1. Oh Trish! This is beautiful! I’m listening to you sing as i write this to you. You are a precious friend! I love you!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. LOVELY! Pitchy?? What – where? It’s gorgeous. And so are you. So glad those beads are helping channel your wonderful creative energies. Love to you, always.

  3. Oh so loved hearing you sing that again!!!! So many of the creative things we do are limited to a “season”… it’s just so sad that you are having to lay these aside much too soon! Believe me…. your art continues to be a gift to us all!

  4. I love that rendition of “Mary did you know” especially by you Trish. There is another song that runs through my mind also that I thought you sang once also. “Blessings” by Laura Story. I hear you singing this song too in my heart at night. You will have to remind me if you have sang this song. But I hear YOUR VOICE when i play it in my mind. Like an angel. Excited to see you tomorrow at the Bethel House Tea.

  5. Brings tears to my eyes… glad you shared this song with us! So beautiful! And I’m so glad you are discovering new ways to inspire yourself and others in prayer…

  6. Trish you are truly one of the most beautiful and amazing people I have ever met. You are the woman I wish I could be, and thank you for being a great example of a great christian woman. I would absolutely love to talk to you if you have the time. Take care, Marie Mazel (

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