It’s Officially Christmastime!

It’s officially Christmastime.  Yay!!  We were blessed with another family gathering over the weekend, this time in San Diego.  Rolf and I drove south on Thursday to visit some friends in Los Angeles and catch Wilson leading worship at an APU chapel, we then made our way to San Diego where we enjoyed some down time with Max on Friday.  By Saturday, Olivia and Wilson joined us in SD and we all got to attend Max’s choir Christmas concert…a perfect way to usher in December!  In the midst of all the family fun, Rolf made arrangements to surprise me with a mini reunion of my good friends and former co-workers at the restaurant we all gathered at 26 years ago for Rolf’s and my wedding rehearsal dinner!  What a sweet time of reminiscing, affirmation and prayer with old friends.

Our first stop was a quick visit with Justin and Victoria Nelson…Moriah’s parents. It’s always a sacred time with these two!
Rudy and Moriah in 2013.

Wilson has been a percussionist in the APU Liturgical Chapel Band since he was a sophomore and we’ve not attended any of his chapels in person so going to Thursday’s chapel was an extra-special treat.  Wilson has a love for hymns and it shows in his leading of “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”! 🙂

It was a blustery day in SD on Friday and the surf was wild but oh, so mesmerizing to watch!
The leaning Christmas Tree of Ocean Beach!
EL INDIO dinner with the Vans!!!!

Wilson, having never seen an eyelash curler before, asked Olivia what she was doing and so she demonstrated on him!  His eyelashes never looked better!!!!  Ha ha

A family selfie on Shelter Island!
Why?!? Why do they always end up in a headlock?
Our mini reunion…The kids? A bit taller. The grown ups? A bit grayer. The friendships? So much sweeter!

PLNU’s Annual Cider Celebration was, once again, a blessed time filled with a variety of goofy and worshipful moments.  Max’s professor always includes really fascinating arrangements that leave the listener thinking…like this unique arrangement of “Silent Night”…

It’s tradition to close every concert with this benediction.  The camera work isn’t anything to look at so turn up the volume, sit back, close your eyes and receive the blessing that it holds for you.  😉

The VERY astute Rudy’s Beat reader will notice I’m in a new wheelchair.  My custom wheelchair was delivered last Wednesday just in time for our road trip.  It’s just like the loaner I was using in function but has much more comfy chair pads and fits my measurements perfectly.  I ended up sleeping in it two nights in the hotel because I can adjust my body position automatically as needed throughout the night…something that’s getting harder to do in bed by myself.  I’m very thankful for the comfort and function it gives me and I don’t take for granted the gift it is even though it’s bittersweet.  I catch glimpses of my silhouette in storefront windows all hunched over in a wheelchair and think “Who is that?…How did I get here?…I’m not the person people see at face value?” and yet it IS me…it’s part of the ever-changing definition of me.  A definition that’s hard to deny the more durable medical equipment I need and the more dependent on others I become…my mind, however, is slow to adjust to the transitions my body is making.  And so, I come home from a really fun and full weekend like this past weekend, surprised by how wiped out and completely useless (practically speaking) I am.  I have a couple of big events this week but mostly I’ll have time to rest up and hopefully regain a bit of energy.  You know, ‘kinda feel the need to listen to that blessing again…

Happy December Everybody…’wishing you fun and festive holiday prep in these few weeks leading up to Christmas!


7 thoughts on “It’s Officially Christmastime!

  1. Beautiful Silent Night. Thanks for sharing. So glad you have had the opportunities to visit your Boys like you do.

  2. I will listen to everything later tonight, but wanted to thank you for this lovely peek into your life of late. That reunion picture is just stunning — with those clouds behind you all. Kudos to Rolf for his thoughtful, creative gift to you, dear Trish. And hard as it is — I am grateful for the new, custom chair for you! Yes — it will make life easier going forward. So much love to you . . .

  3. What a treasured memory this past weekend will be for a lot of us!!! Love every minute of spending time with you! And lying to help Rolf surprise you was fun….. no guilt!

  4. oh how beautiful! thank you for sharing this beautiful music. it is such a blessing! I just love all the wonderful things you share with us about your sweet family! Praying for you all often. I love you! Merry Christmas!

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