Round Two

We are thrilled to have the boys back in town…Wilson arrived home from Ft. Knox a week ago today and Max got home Sunday night after his month long tour!  Yay!  We have just one week more with Wilson before he heads back to APU and Max will be home for a couple of weeks before he returns to Point Loma.  The summer has passed by much too quickly…as it typically does.

Olivia is particularly happy to have her big bros home!!!

Since the boys were both gone on the 25th, we appreciated having a little time together at the cemetery so they could experience the “mountain of cars tribute” for themselves.  They got a chance to arrange them all and, as boys do, had to stop and play with them before they all got placed.  Ha Ha!  Rudy would be so pleased.



Thank you Lucas C. for the fun hat you left for Rudy!!!

Last year on this day, August 7th, we laid our boy to rest.  I’m reposting the video of Rudy’s funeral service and his memorial slideshow below…followed by a few images from his burial that I didn’t post last year.   It was a remarkable day…so full of love and many tears but laughter too.  In the days following Rudy’s death, his journey back to California from Guymon, OK by way of Oklahoma City was such a long one and the arrangements for his service and burial here at home added another week to the whole process so when the day finally came, as painful as it was to say our final goodbye, it was time…it was time to lay Rudy to rest.  Commemorating today is definitely part of observing the 1st year anniversary for us and I thank you all for your part in holding us up these past couple of weeks in particular through your prayers and love.

Rudy’s burial at the Goleta District Cemetery.



funeral burial18
“I’ll Fly Away”

So many wonderful sights and sounds of love that day!!!

5 thoughts on “Round Two

  1. Sweet precious Trish. What a great feeling to have Wilson and Max home with y’all for a little while. Loved these photos. Thanks for sharing. Continuing to hold you close in prayer. I love you precious friend. May today continue to be a good day. Blessing!!!😚💋

  2. Such special memories! Love watching that video of pictures, Rudy was such a happy & spunky boy…
    Enjoy having those crazy boys home!

  3. So glad you have your big boys home for a few days…. enjoy!!!! What I remember about this day one year ago was the immense crowd of people who loved Rudy and were impacted by his short life…… and how you and Rolf and the kids were so gracious in speaking to everyone that passed by his grave!!!! It was a day “abounding in love!!!!”

  4. Enjoy your sons brief time at home while simultaneously acknowledging and embracing the significance of today – one moment at a time.
    Joyce & John

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