Big Apple Dreams

Last day of 10th grade!!!

Max and I picked up “10th grade Olivia” from school for the last time on Thursday which marked the official start of summer in the Geyling household!  Yay!!  Then, we welcomed Wilson home on Saturday morning after he successfully completing Air Assault School in Hawaii!  Woo Hoo!!  THEN, Wilson’s girlfriend came for a quick visit which led to a spontaneous swim party and a couple of late night living room movie nights!  Good Times!!  Summer is here.

Way to go Wilson!
Summertime Livin’ with friends!

In the midst of all that fun, we got a special visit from representatives of the Dream Foundation – a non profit, wish granting organization for terminally ill adults headquartered here in Santa Barbara.  My hospice case worker initiated the dream application a couple of months ago and thanks to the hard work of DFs staff and supporters, our family is being gifted a trip to New York City!  Rolf was in NYC on business nearly 12 years ago, I haven’t been in 30 years and the kids have never been…it’ll be an epic adventure for sure.  We’ll take in a couple of Broadway musicals, the boys will get to see U2 at Madison Square Garden, Olivia is excited to go to a live taping of Good Morning America, Rolf is working hard to secure tickets to fulfill his dream of seeing Bruce on Broadway and I’m looking forward to reenacting the iconic opening scene of “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” on 5th Avenue while humming Henry Mancini’s “Moon River”!  Ha Ha 😉  Mostly I’m excited to sit back and soak it all up…the sights, the sounds, the food, our kids’ reactions to the Big Apple and all the shared moments.

We recognize, maybe more than most, the impact this kind of experience can have on a family in our situation because we’ve lived it before.  You may recall that Rudy was granted a wish from the Make A Wish Foundation back in 2013…which I described here.

Not to sound boastful but we get it.

We know how to pace ourselves and maximize every moment all at the same time.

We know how important it is to make and store up lots of vivid memories.

We know it’s more than a vacation.

We know it’s a walk on sacred ground.

It feels quite strange to be going on another wish trip and I’m surprised by how sensitive or self-conscience I’m feeling about it…like with with Rudy, I wish we didn’t qualify…but, on the other hand, because we’re experienced wish receivers, we know what it takes to make something like this happen and we don’t take any of it for granted.  We are so grateful for the generous acts of love and compassion that have been extended to our family over the years by so many.  At the end of Rudy’s wish trip blog post, I expressed my hope to pay it forward in the future…I feel the same about this trip too.  Stay tuned for a fun recap in the coming weeks!  🙂

‘So grateful to Alex and Mark from the Dream Foundation for their hard work and trip packet presentation.
My hospice angels…case worker Tianna and counselor Ginny.
From the looks of it, the kids would have been perfectly content with just the UGG blanket that we were given along with a basket of UGG/Teva/Sanuk walking shoes. Seriously, this blanket is sooooo soft!
Thank you, in advance, Dream Foundation for what WE KNOW will be a fun and impactful experience for our whole family.
I used Wilson and Kyla as practice models while learning how to use new photo features on my IPhone. 😉

14 thoughts on “Big Apple Dreams

  1. I cannot possibly think of any family more deserving! Have a fantabulous time. Looking forward to every little detail in your blogs. Rudy will be watching over all of you.

  2. Soooooooo exciting!!!! The Geylings all give so much to so many this is indeed an event that is a long time coming! Enjoy it all and each other (as you always do). Your friends back home will be smiling and cheering you on!

  3. Wow! That is awesome. What a great set of cool experiences they have picked out 🙂 Hope Bruce comes through.
    LOVE to you!

  4. Oh Trish, I love all the things you have lined up to do!!! You can be my tour guide anytime!!! I am getting excited for you just reading about i!! Yahoo (If only I could fit into your suitcase -)

  5. Trish, I am so excited for you! What a wonderful gift and a fun thing to look forward to. Continue to hold you in my prayers!

  6. What an incredibly precious family that you have! Thankful that you and your sweet family get to go to NYC together to make many wonderful memories! I loved looking back at Rudy’s Make a Wish trip as well. Everyone has grown up so beautifully. Wilson and Kyla-a stunning couple…she is refreshingly beautiful! They look like such a happy couple. Olivia & Max are adorable! You and your wonderful, handsome husband, Rolf, have been so intentional in raising your family to live life large in ALL THAT YOU DO! Jesus is your guide and strength and it radiates from each of you. I love you sweet Trish! Praying today is a strong one for you filled with the love and laughter of your fantastic family and friends!

  7. Trish, I forgot to tell you to see if you & Livy can go for “Afternoon Tea” @ the Plaza Hotel. Definitely a highlight when my mom & I went to NYC. It’s a little expensive but so wonderful!! Bring your appetite too!

  8. I’m SO excited for this trip for you. Musicals, Bfast at Tiffany’s and Bruce on Broadway for Rolf IS a dream, but mostly for the fun and deep family time you will have. We have loved every NYC trip we’ve taken! We love you guys!

  9. Even from our perch on an ‘at sea’ day in the middle of the Baltic, surely you can feel how pleased and excited I am for this great news!!!!! ENJOY EVERY MINUTE! Love you.

  10. How super exciting!!! We know you will have a blast together!
    We are so happy for you and can’t wait to hear all about it!!!

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