Simple Pleasures

It has been pretty quiet around here.  Wilson is still in Hawaii for Air Assault School and returns on Saturday.  He has successfully passed two out of three phases and says the training is “no joke” but is enjoying the challenge.  Max has picked up a few shifts at Kyle’s and is quite helpful to me during the day when he is home.  Olivia couldn’t be MORE ready for school to be over…poor girl just has to hang in there 3 more days!!!  It finally started to feel like summer this past weekend and I’m ready for our summer break to officially begin too.

We had our first family pool party of the season this weekend.  Rolf and Max jumped in to cool off after a day of plumbing and because I was on a two day break between infusions, I jumped in too and it felt wonderful!  The weightlessness is the best and the gentle, no-impact movements of my arms and legs in our warm pool water is so therapeutic.  It’s such a simple but deeply impactful pleasure.  I actually got lost in feelings of normalcy as I floated around in the pool hammock.  It all felt normal until it was time to get out.  I don’t have enough arm strength to hoist myself onto the pool edge and once I’m on the edge, I can’t get myself to a standing position.  So, I’ll have to limit my pool play to when Rolf or the big boys are home to help me.  Getting out of the pool is a bit of a humbling process, for sure, but I’m determined to not let that stop me from enjoying our pool this summer.  🙂  Yay Summer!!!

We are giving some thought to how we’d like to approach July 25th and honor Rudy on the anniversary of his passing.   Rolf and I have decided to keep the day itself pretty simple but would like to invite our friends and family to participate by honoring Rudy with one of his simple pleasures.  We invite anyone who wants to to send Rudy a Lightening McQueen car that we’ll place on his headstone track on the 25th.  We’re hoping to have a big pile to display which would have delighted Rudy to no end.  Oh, how he LOVED to play with his Lightening McQueen cars!  I also have a replenished supply of “Pay It Forward for Rudy” cards so if you’d like one/some to use on the 25th specifically, let me know how many you’d like and I’ll drop ’em in the mail to you.  We don’t necessarily want to make a big deal out of this first anniversary but we do want to be thoughtful in the ways we remember our boy.  Thank you for walking this road of grief with us and loving our family in it…we love you right back!

Send us a Lightening McQueen car and we’ll send you a limited edition Rudy pen…in your choice of “Rudy Blue” or “Lightening McQueen Red”!
In this past month of missing all the end of the school year fun with Rudy, I was especially tickled to get this photo from one of Rudy’s special ed teachers last week. She said she found it while cleaning out her classroom and it just might be my new favorite picture! Thanks “A A” 😉



8 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

  1. I don’t think any of us could have imagined that we would long for the “feeling of normalcy” … and now we can’t imagine ever feeling the comfort of normalcy again. Your willingness to keep getting back into the pool, even though you know it will be a struggle to get out, is inspiring. Much love and thanks ❤️

  2. Trish, so sorry for your own new health challenges. I think the tribute to Rudy you’re planning sounds beautiful. I’d also like a couple pay-it-forward Rudy cards. What’s the address we can use to mail the cars for your Rudy memorial?!

  3. Every time I see a Lightening McQueen car, I think of him. We would love to send one. Can I have the mailing address? As always, you and your family are in my prayers.

  4. LOVE the picture of Rudy! Pure joy🤗💗. I love you my sweet precious friend! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. Dearest Trish, Please send me some Rudy cards. I used the one I had at Pep Boys a few months ago and the relief and joy that was shared in Rudy’s name was pretty incredible. Renny will happily send his Lightning McQueen car -we found it two days ago, which i suspect was no accident. Love to you and the family xo

  6. What a fun way to honor Rudy on a difficult day!!!! I feel sad about the pool though- you are so very courageous!!! Love you!!!

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