Oh Crap, It’s Valentine’s Day!

I forgot about Valentine’s Day…I was so relieved we made it through the holidays and got so focused on port placements & infusions that I totally spaced how significant Valentine’s Day would be this year without Rudy.  How did I not see it coming?  Valentine’s Day was my favorite holiday to do with the kids when they were small because it was so much fun to prepare Valentines for friends and family together.  Rudy’s enthusiasm added a whole other dimension to the fun.

When I opened the Valentine decoration bin this week, I was surprised to find the really cool Valentines Rudy and I bought on sale last year for him to give out this year!  He was so excited when we found them.  He would have been thrilled to share them with his classmates…dog gone.


Of course, I think the tradition we’ll miss most this year is the annual recording of “Will You Be My Valentine?”.  How grateful we are for this crazy collection of videos.  Looking at pictures and videos of Rudy was painful for me in the wake of his passing, but they’re now becoming a huge comfort.  Rolf and I find it’s pretty easy to get lost (sometimes for hours) in the pictures and videos we have of him.  And even though we have hundreds of images of him…I wish we had hundreds more.  Once in a while a friend will send us a picture of Rudy we don’t have and it takes my breath away…such an unexpected gift.  🙂

Well, we may not have a new rendition of “Will You Be My Valentine?” to share or a fun report about a Valentine exchange at school but it is Valentine’s Day nonetheless and, therefore, an opportunity to tell you how much you are loved and how much we appreciate the love extended to us over and over again.  We are rich in relationship and we don’t take that for granted!  Happy Heart Day dear ones!  We love you.

The gallery of Valentines from years past.

10 thoughts on “Oh Crap, It’s Valentine’s Day!

  1. Trish, I prayed early this morning that today would be a day that your heart would filled with special love and memories….God is answering. Happy Heart Day to each of you too.

  2. We will never stop loving Rudy….and remembering his love. Praying your hearts will be warmed by the love of “the family” of friends, and by our good Father…..love you so much!!!

  3. Love you Trish and Rolf and think of you so much. So appreciate YOU! Rudy defined Love as do you. Keeping him close today and everyday. Keeping you in my daily prayers. Love you❤️

  4. You always tell it like it is — I love that! May the Lord continue to comfort you with those special memories of Rudy, and bless you with new ones of Olivia, Max & Wilson. Praying, praying, praying for His touch on you.

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