AUTH in Hand

We received the authorization paperwork we’ve been waiting for in the mail yesterday.  PTL!  It’s a relief to finally have it but it does feel a little anti-climatic…particularly, I think, because UCLA still can’t see us until November 9th.

Unfortunately, the momentum we initially felt with Cedars Sinai has faded too.  They needed to review my MRI images and medical notes before they’d set an appointment… we’re waiting to hear back from them.  Rolf and I would still like to go to Cedars as the more input we can get at this point, the better but it doesn’t look like we’ll be heading to the hills anytime soon.  It’s disappointing.

So, we sit and wait.  We’re good at that.  It’s unfortunate this step in the journey has taken so long and it’s unfortunate Rolf and I are left feeling wiped out by the process but we’re positioned, now, to move forward.  On a practical level, I guess our prayers are shifting from the acquisition of the authorization to a smooth 2nd opinion process, quick answers and OPTIONS!  It would really be nice to have some options.  🙂

‘Looking for lifelines,  Trish


17 thoughts on “AUTH in Hand

  1. Precious Trish! Praise the Lord for the authorization! Praying for the smooth 2nd opinion process and OPTIONS! Love you dearly! Melani

  2. Glad for the 2nd Auth! I can’t say this is ‘good’ or ‘better,’ but I do trust that you and your family and your path on secure in God’s hands and heart. The right and perfect plan is unfolding, even if I can’t see it. I think of the many detours Rudy’s medical path took and how, without exception, things always turned out in ways we couldn’t have imagined…and think of all the wonderful people that unexpectedly crossed his path. Rest now dear friend…you and yours deserve it. LOVE TO ALL.

    1. Trish I’m so sorry for the frustration and suffering trying to get authorization for treatment!
      Many prayers, for you Rolph, and your family! 😥

  3. So happy to hear this Trish! Praying as you move forward for options, wisdom for doctors and you, and all eyes on Jesus! ❤

  4. Praise The Lord! I’m happy to hear this and I pray that each day bring something that reminds us of His continued presence in your lives. We love you all very much and you are in our prayers always!

  5. Thank you for privilege of sharing the raw burdens of this oppressive path you must travel now. Today’s news did bring images of a beam of light breaking through the weight of the black clouds suffocating you. I guess it is a “bureaucratic” light, but I am quite certain that, in these years, God has to be in the business of lighting “bureaucratic” candles as well as metaphorically flamed wax ones.
    Each day I wish that there were a gift I could send you for that day. Today I am wishing I could construct an Advent Calendar for the next 16 days, leading to November 9th, wherein there would be a countdown of windows to open daily, and that each would disclose some new candle of Holy light for your path.

    To you and all you family, I am sending my loving prayers,

  6. I’m still praying for you and your family. I told JoAn Sunday I was praying for her. She said it breaking her heart to see you go through this. We never stop being Mothers.

  7. Oh sweet, dear Trish. I have been praying so hard for you for this authorization – so yes I will shift my prayers for the authorization to praying for options! I want you to have lifelines. I’m glad that you got the authorization. That’s a step even though it has been interminably long to get. I hope that the time between now and 11/9 goes by a bit faster… Love you and sending you big hugs. Xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  8. Finally!……but not yet. We will continue to pray with you! May the Lord bless you with moments of fun and beauty that momentarily distract you from the eternal wait! Love you!!!!

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