It’s finally here!  The last week of school for Olivia and Rudy, a full schedule of fun senior activities and graduation for Max and a house full of family and friends to help us celebrate.  Our only regret is that Wilson won’t be here to share in the fun but two of my nephews are coming in from Kansas to fill the “big brother” shoes in his absence and Max is excited they are on their way.

We get quick texts from Wilson from time to time and from all accounts, it sounds like he is LOVING his experience in Madagascar.  We haven’t heard a ton of specifics from him yet (looking forward to hearing all his stories when he returns) but he did tease us with this photo of a new friend…


Rolf, Rudy and I have been blessed to attend various awards presentations these last couple of weeks for both Max and Olivia.  As nice as it is to see your child be acknowledged for academic success or talent or skill, what fills our hearts most is, hands down, recognition of character.  And as much as I want my kids to be equipped for professional success, I hope the foundation of their primary education has been (and ultimate take away will be) that character counts in EVERY way…both in public and private.

Olivia receiving the “Emerging Professionals Award” from Santa Barbara’s Partners in Education organization.
DP Senior Awards

IMG_6496IMG_6595 (1)

We were super blessed to host our church’s annual baptism service on Sunday…best use of our pool EVER…



…that and a great place to recline on a Sunday afternoon!


Now all eyes are on Maxo!  Yesterday was his last day of school!!!  We couldn’t help but dig up this little treasure from 2004 to commemorate this special right of passage…I love me some Kindergarten Max.

Last day of 12th grade!




I’m so grateful these two had a shared year together at DP. They’ve grown closer this year but also established their own, individual identities on campus…a good balance, for sure. 😉

Ok, I’m off to the airport to pick up Gma Jo!  Oma and the nephews arrive tomorrow!  Max’s godmother comes in on Thursday!  Woo Hoo…Let’s get this party started!!

7 thoughts on “Incoming!

  1. Congrats to Max, a tender, fun, and stellar guy…..and also to Olivia for being a stand-out, quality girl! So excited for you both!!!

  2. Definitely sad I can’t be there to celebrate, but this was an awesome tribute to a guy whose has made me love being a big brother. Proud of you Maxo! Can’t wait to catch up on the celebration in a few days!

  3. We are proud of you, Max, and excited for you! Wish we could celebrate in SB with you tomorrow but Kylie’s graduating from 8th grade the next morning. Love from all the Kenyons!!!

  4. I know for a fact that Rudy has made everyone a much better. more caring, grounded and tolerant person. His smile alone makes me a better person 🙂 Angels shine on the Geyling family.
    I see Max as a baby shares the same smile as Rudyboy . just too sweet!
    Have a wonderful family get together.

  5. I so enjoy following the physical, mental, and spiritual growth of each member of your family. Congratulations and best wishes to each of you for your continued successes. Please say “hi” to Grandma Jo. How I would love to have a chat with her. Enjoy your time together!

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