Field Trips and More

This past week was a week full of field trips for Rudy so we were glad his day at home to rest up seemed to help him recuperate from the episode he had last weekend.  His school nurse called me on Monday to come pick him up early from school because he was ill, he stayed home from school on Tuesday and hit the ground running Wednesday on a field with his typical 2nd grade classmates to the Sea Center on Stearns Wharf.

Mesmerized by the jelly fish.
Petting the leopard shark with nurse Evelyn.
Rudy in the shark tank!
Checking out the sea stars…
…and other tide pool creatures.


I try not to dwell on comparisons too much but it is always a bit shocking to me to see how much smaller Rudy is when next to kids his age!
Rudy getting some Mr. Latta love and a high-five from a classmate!
Sandwiched in between two fun field trips was Rolf’s 50th Birthday!!!! Woo Hoo…He’s like a legit adult now.
Friday included a trip to our local bowling alley with Rudy’s special needs class!
Having fun with friends!
Rudy cheering for a classmate while waiting for his turn.
Helping teacher Tracy keep score.
Getting a little help from mom.
And this is how his week ended…falling asleep in the 7 minutes it takes to drive home from school.

We’re down to the last 13 days of school…why does it feel like EVERYBODY else is done with the school year but us?  Summer can’t come soon enough!!!

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