Prom Week 2017

Last week was unusually busy with all kinds of prom prep as I was on the After Prom Party committee…a party hosted by the parents after the dance at our local bowling alley from midnight to 4am.  From the looks of it, the kids (72% of the senior class and their friends!!!! woo hoo!) had a great time and the parents survived pulling an all-nighter!  Ha Ha

And, of course, there was lots to fill our week that didn’t relate to prom…making the week go that much faster!!!

We enjoyed some summer-like weather last weekend making it virtually impossible to NOT head to the beach for a quick getaway.
We also officially opened the pool…this is what the first swim of the season hangover looks like!
Olivia’s last Lacrosse game of the season was on Thursday…
…with lots of brother-love!
Rudy’s school carnival on Friday was loud and crowded but he finally warmed up to the fun!
Saturday was reserved for corsage making and prom dinner set up!
Aaaaaaannnd, they’re off!
Dos Pueblos LAXers!!!
Rudy and the Rat Pack



Pre-prom shenanigans!…



…as well as dinner…(Super fun!!!)
After Prom was a family effort, for sure, with Livy at home on Rudy Duty and the rest of us volunteering at the event…best photo booth EVER!

Oh yeah, Wilson made it home too!  He got home late Friday just in time to jump into all the weekend activity.  He’s going to lay low this week (and by “lay low” I mean “play Mario Kart with Rudy”) and get ready for his departure for Madagascar next Monday…Wow,  kinda wish I could stow-a-way!

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